Yajur Veda Blessing Mantra (Set of 3 Volumes)


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About the Author

He is a native of Varahoor Village in Tanjore District, Tamil Nadu, India. Born during 1966 as the 2nd Son for Late Sri. P Krishnamoorthy Iyer and Smt. K Meenakshi Ammal, and had his schooling in Sir. P S Sivaswamy Iyer Hr Secondary School. Tirukattupalli. He qualified his B.Com degree, studying through RKM. Vivekananda College, Mylapore with Ist Class and got University 3° Rank from University of Madras for his Post Gradution in Commerce(M.Com) through A.M Jain College, Meenambakkam, Chennai. He is an All India Rank Holder in CA, CWA and CS from Premier Institutes (Chartered, Cost & Works, and Company Seceretaries of India). He also received Post Graduate Diploma in Foreign Trade Management (PGDFTM) from Indian Institute of Export Management, Calcutta. In addition to this, he also had Diploma in Hindu Astrology (DHA) from Kadalangudi Institute of Astrology, Chennai.


It was my long desire to provide Ghana Paathaa in script form to people, who, either did not have opportunity to pursue formal Vedic studies or has not reached Vikruti Paathaa during their studies, but have enthusiasm to recite some part of Ghana paathaa. Now a days, finding Ghanapathies is a very difficult task due to its enormous portion in Samhita itself, and different kinds of rules (Lakshanaa) for Vikruti Paathaa text. Hence to become Ghanapathi in Veda would take more years.

After writing ghana patha in Sri Rudra, Chamaka and Pancha Rudra, I decided to write the Asirwada Ghana Patha, which is small, but with more meaning, easy to recite and understand, so that new learners can recite these in any occasion for blessing.

It is also important to note, may people asked for these small asirvada mantra ghana patha, because they have interest in learning also, and further few people suggested some mantra, for which I have to write Ghana Patha. I considered those mantras also in this book. As I said in my earlier books, it is my duty to consider all your valuable feed back and improve as much as possible. Further it is my duty to diseminate the knowledge God has given me on this subject.

To know more about fundamentals of The Veda, Mathematics, Time, Astrology, Nakshatra, Branches of Vedas etc, kindly refer any one of the following books by the author:

  1. Sri Rudra Ghana Patha in Devanagari Script Krishna Yajur Veda

  2. Sri Rudra Ghana Patha in Phonetic Tamil Script Krishna Yajur Veda

  3. Pancha Rudra Ghana Patha in Devanagari Script Rig Veda

I hope this book will be a guide to the readers to understand the concept of Ghana and its Sandhi. This book provides samhita, Pada and Ghana Paathaa of few Mantras in Krishna Yajur Veda along with its meaning in english. (Kindly read the note, about the Book). I will be much obliged to the readers, for their valuable feed back, in rectifying the book, in case they find any errors. Though utmost care has been taken during preparation, I sincerely regret for any errors, that might have occurred or appearing in this bcok, and request the readers not toe consider it seriously with their nobility.

Those who are learning with the help of this book, could approach the Vedic scholars for correct pronounciation, maatraa, svaraa etc. It is important to note, learning through Guru (teacher) with due respect would be permanent and good to us, as advised by our forefathers.

At this juncture, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to Shri. R Swaminatha Ghanapatigal, Shri. V G Subramanya Ghanapatigal, Mylapore, Chennai and Sri. Ananta Krishna Ghanapatigal of Bangalore for their utmost patience, time provided to me, devotion to Veda and sacrificing attitude as an adyapakar (teacher), under whom l am learning Ghana from krsna yajur veda.

Further I would like to express my sincere gratitude and Namaskarams "salutation" to His Holinesses Sri Kanchi Kamakoti Peetadhipati Jagadguru Sri Jeyendra Saraswati Swamigal and Sri Vijayendra Saraswati Swamigal, Srimatam Samasthanam, Kanchipuram, for their gracious "Sri Mukham" to this Book Publication, I think this is my luck, poorva punya and again wants to express my gratitude and namaskarams to them. I would also like to thank the great people who have provided me with lot of technical, legal, financial, translation help, without which, I am not able to release these books with full confidence and faith.

There is no need to say, the readers could realise, lot of man- hours and money have been deployed, to bring the book in shape. Though other books on Asirvada Ghana (Vol II) in Yajur Veda and Rig Veda Suktas and Ghana are to be published in near future, I sincerely solicit your patronage to make this venture a success, which rest with the people like you, who are interested in learning Veda. I would also like to thank the the publisher of this book Smt. Latha for all her effort.

I could not find how to index these mantras, either to be based on easy to recite method or known method or importance of these mantras etc. Hence I thought to arrange as per its own sequence as appearing the Samhita text, its occurrence. Hence these mantras are arranged from 1° Kaanda to last kaanda. The numbers linked to any mantra is Kanda No., Prasna No. Anuvaka No and Panchadi (or Prapata No.) I hope these mantra will help all people who are desiring to learn and recite small asirvada ghana and very useful and handy to them.

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