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Indian culture is one of the richest and most diverse of its kind in the world as it has stimulated the growth and development of several philosophical systems and religious thoughts. This culture has exercised considerable influence over the spiritual life of the people all over the world.

The oldest literature available with us are the Vedas. It was in the form of a lump before it's division. Bhagavan Vedavyasa has divided the lump of knowledge into four parts, i.e., Rig, Yajur, Sama and Atharva Vedas. The division was made with an intention as to make the Vedas to be understood by the readers and be followed by the readers and common public to make their lives a fruitful one by following the path of Dharma.

Vedic values written by Dr. Hema. K. Kshirsagar, is a wonderer treatise which carries good information about the values that are found in Vedas. The author has exemplified many values in brief but they are really good to be read by both elderly and children too. Hope this book will reach the coffee tables of all the readers. Let our Ancient Culture reach the new generation, and make a pathway for their colourful future.

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