Vastu Mantras from Vedas


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Note to the Readers


Vastu could be the physical dwelling or the subtle body. Vastoshpati or Vastoh-pati is the lord of dwelling. According to the Vedic seers, every structure whether animate or inanimate, has consciousness. In human beings the centre of consciousness is called as soul or iitman. Form buildings the associated deity is Vastoshpati. He is closely connected with the deity Tvashtr, the lord of all forms. Chapter 1 gives 8 RV mantras connected with vsstu.


In addition, when a house is built, it becomes endowed with its own deity. When a house is built, it should be consecrated so as to honour the presence of the deity in it. It is said that the queen of the mansion is assigned by the devas and she is prayed to protect the occupants. Chapter 2 gives the Sukta recited at consecration.


Note that any construction involves a lot of digging, which causes harm to earth. There is also a prayer in Chapter 4, for pardon against all the harm that has been done during the process of construction.


Peace, abundance, happiness, progress are inseparable parts of a firm and enduring house. 'Sri Sukta' invokes all these. Hence it is given here, Chapter 4.




Note to the readers


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