Upanishads in Daily Life


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Publisher's Note

'Upanishads are a mine of strength', said Swami Vivekananda. But a mine has to be excavated in order to obtain its treasures and profit from it. That the Upanishads have a timeless treasure of wisdom and practical guidelines waiting to become a part of daily life became clear when The Vedanta Kesari (the English monthly of Ramakrishna Order published from this Math) brought out a special issue in December 2007 on this subject. The issue received a hearty welcome by all those who read it. 'Oh, this is what the Upanishads are calling upon us to do!' responded one of the readers. Numerous other communications, in various forms, followed – expressing happiness and appreciation of the whole approach to this serious theme.

We are happy to present that special issue in the form of this book with the same title with which it was brought out – The Upanishads in Daily Life.

Back of the Book

'These conceptions of the Vedanta must come out, must remain not only in the forest, not only in the cave, but they must come out to work at the bar and the bench, in the pulpit, and in the cottage of the poor man, with the fisherman that are catching fish, and with the students that are studying…. How can the fisherman and all these carry out the ideals of the Upanishads? The way has been shown….If the fisherman thinks that he is the Spirit, he will be a better fisherman; if the student thinks he is the Spirit, he will be a better student. If the lawyer thinks that he is the Spirit, he will be a better lawyer, and so on…'



1. Upanishads and We 1
  Swami Atmashraddhananda  
2. 'I have Never Quoted Anything But the Upanishads' 13
  Swami Vivekananda  
3. The Upanishads and Their Origin 25
  Swami Ashokananda  
4. The Message of the Upanishads 33
  Swami Ranganathananda  
5. Peace Chant in Upanishads 47
  Swami Sridharananda  
6. Spiritual Experience of Sri Ramakrishna: Upanishads Revitalised 59
  Swami Adiswarananda  
7. Sri Sarada Devi in the Light of the Upanishads 70
  Pravrajika Atmadevaprana  
8. Swami Vivekananda's Love of Upanishads 83
  Swami Gautamananda  
9. Frequently Asked Questions about Upanishads 97
  Swami Harshananda  
10. Direct Disciples of Sri Ramakrishna: the Living Upanishads 111
11. An Overview of the Upanishads in the West 125
  Swami Tathagatananda  
12. Upanishads and the Science of Yoga 138
  N.V.C. Swami  
13. The Story of Prajapati and Its Meaning 148
  Swami Dayatmananda  
14. So Began the Story 159
  Prema Nandakumar  
15. Call of the Upanishads 173
16. Upanishadic Guidelines for the Practice of Medicine 189
  Swami Brahmeshananda  
17. The Story of Nachiketa 203
  Swami Vivekananda  
18. Upanishads and the Ideal of Service 209
  M. Lakshmi Kumari  
19. Upanishads – the Basis of All World Religions 119
  Swami Abhiramananda  
20. Modern Science and Upanishads 229
  Jay Lakhani  
21. The Bhagavad-Gita – Quintessence or the Upanishads 238
  Swami Sandarshananda  
22. Youth and the Upanishads 251
  Swami Bodhamayananda  
23. The Power of the Upanishads 261
  Swami Ashokananda  
24. Sages of the Upanishads 263
  Swami Satyamayananda  
25. The Upanishads and Corporate World; Can the Twin Shake Hands? 274
  S. K. Chakraborty  
26. Upanishads – the Bedrock of Indian Culture 287
  Pramod Kumar  
27. Ten Commandments for Students from Taittiriya Upanishad 297
* Sources and Contributors 309

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