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Upanishads (For the Modern World)

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For the Modern World

Humainty’s Greatest Spiritual Heritage

In the book Dr. Pillai has carefully brought our twelve chapters with two thought provoking epilogues. It is hoped that this book will be received and read with interest by the public.

His Holiness Sri Sankaracharya Swamigal

Sri Kanchi Kamakoti Peetham

An interesting feature of the book is that the author uses dialogue as a route to unfold the vision of the Upanishads to the modern reader. It is an absorbing analysis of the wisdom of humanity accumulated over time through scientific and speculative means and the reader should have the patience and mental make-up to comprehend it. I compliment Dr.Pillai for presenting a masterly study of a highly complex theme and commend it to the inquisitive explorers of knowledge interested in knowing more about the meaning and purpose of life.

About the Author

Dr. Pillai is a multifaceted personality with degrees in physics, Chemistry, psychology, and economics. His previous book entitled, “ Mystic Awareness for the Modern Mind” has been widely acclaimed as a “ pathfinder to an enriched existence”. He has been conducting interactive session on Stress Management and Spiritual Awareness and intends to set up spiritual awareness centers to restore the moral values that are neglected in our relentless pursuit of material pleasures. This book is primarily addressed to the intelligent youth seeking a rational mode of spirituality that conforms to the advanced scientific knowledge of reality. Sale proceeds of this book will support the rehabilitation of AIDS Victims.

From the Jacket

In this book, Dr. Pillai relates the vision of the Upanishads to the spiritual needs of the 21 st century. The stories of the Upanishads are retold to make them intelligible to the modern world. The outcome is a rational worldview that reveals the undeniable presence of an interactive energy in all forms of life.

The Upanishads contain the essence of existential wisdom conceived by oriental mystics about 3,000 years ago. They lead us to the logical inference that the spark of universal energy embedded in us motivates all our worldly deeds and even inspires the spiritual quest to unravel the unknown. The Upanishads give us clear-cut answers to all ultimate questions that science fails to elucidate.

The author suggests that the Upanishads can mitigate excessive violence, unfounded fears, and chronic anxieties that torment the modern mind. The book contains the latest scientific ideas on the mind and it offers effective spiritual solutions to remove undesirable aggressive tendencies. The existential wisdom explained here can hopefully create a compassionate mindset that we sadly miss in the egocentric era of information technology.


The new interest in spirituality that has assumed significance in the west reflects the yearning of modern man to the ultimate reality behind the universe. It is gratifying to note that with all the modern scientific instruments and discoveries, the west is reaching the same conclusions which the seers and sages of our country had reached thousands of years ago simply by their intuition. Their mysticism is still an enigma to the western thinkers. The more the scientists delve into the mysteries of the matter and mind, the more they admire the wisdom of the Upanishads. One simply wonders how the Vedic Rishis could proclaim that space (Aakash) is all pervasive. Researchers in the atomic field proved this fact only in the 20th Century.

This is the reason why Mahatma Gandhi told us that India might be lacking in the material field, but it has an immense treasure of spiritual knowledge, which will guide.humanity towards a life of contentment and happiness. This spiritual knowledge is the real strength of our country, which has sustained us during many trials and tribulations.

In his book "Mystic Awareness for the Modern Mind"/ Dr. Pillai gives all the spiritual knowledge that a rational man needs for peace of mind. He examines all the scientific explanations to the origin and evolution-of the universe, life and mind. He finds several inconsistencies and inexplicable coincidences in scientific knowledge. After examining the origin of the. Universe and matter, Dr. Pillai evaluates the evolutionary explanation of the diversity of life and the neural basis of the mind.

Dr. Pillai's work is a great effort to link science and spirituality. He does not give any new explanation but a rational perspective is evolved from the existing collective wisdom of humanity. His sincere effort to make "Compassionate Wisdom" the basis for new age spirituality is definitely laudable. I recommend this book to all persons interested in spirituality.

This well-written book is based on a vast wealth of scientific information. The author deserves high acclaim for a noble effort to give a positive contribution to social upliftment.


I came to know Dr. G.K. Pillai and about his philosophical and intellectual pursuits when I had the privilege of releasing his book Mystic Awareness for the Modern Mind at a largely attended function in Mumbai in July 2001. The present book, which is the result of several years of intensive studies by Dr. G.K. Pillai of the Upanishads in the context of the latest scientific discoveries of the mind, is a welcome addition to his MYSTIC AWARENESS FOR THE MODERN MIND. In his new book he presents a world view of the Upanishads which is not only rational but aimed at meeting the spiritual needs of the modern century.

It is universally accepted that the Upanishads embody the essence of the wisdom on existence. The Upanishads, rightly described as the greatest Indian heritage, give the answers to many puzzles that science has failed to resolve. An interesting feature of the Book is that the author uses the dialogue route to unfold the vision of Upanishads to the modern reader. Through the interface with a young student from the west, Dr. Pillai tries to unravel the mysteries of the mind and evaluates the contemporary relevance of the Upanishads.

In the first part of the book the author explains how the Upanishads help remove the common misconceptions about the meaning of life. He explains how the wisdom of the Upanishads transcends the conventional boundaries of human thought set by time and space and presents it in an ambience intelligible to the modern mind.

The latter part of the book beginning with chapter six, gives glimpses of the latest scientific knowledge of the brain, consciousness and the mind. Presented in an intelligible conversational style of explanation, these chapters expose the reader to the recent scientific discoveries, which have unraveled some of the mysteries attributed to the mind.

A very valuable part of the book is the conducing chapter that takes us to the ultimate question about existence. The author cogently explains the process of evolution, supplementing it with the insights of the Upanishads. The book answers several existential questions with convincing explanations. I must draw the special attention of the reader to the two interesting epilogues, which considerably enrich the value of the book - the vision of Ashtavakra and Patanjali's pathfinder. Dr. Pillai's penetrating analysis of these works makes them intelligible to the common man.

This book is not meant for light reading. It is an absorbing analysis of the wisdom of humanity accumulated over time through scientific and speculative means and the reader should have the patience and mental make up to comprehend it. I compliment Dr. Pillai for presenting a masterly study of a highly complex theme and commend it to the inquisitive explorers interested in knowing more about the meaning and purpose of life.


"The Supreme Self is the essence oj' existence that shines as pure awareness in all minds. It is beyond our thoughts and actions [/product_description] [product_video]
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Edition: 2010
Publisher: Jaico Publishing House
ISBN: 8179923479
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Pages: 316
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Upanishads (For the Modern World)

Upanishads (For the Modern World)

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