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The Siva Purana (Three Volumes)

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The Puranas are considered to be the pillars of the Vedic dharma comprising of Sruti. Smrti and Puranas. The Siva-Mahapurana is a famous one amongst the eighteen Mahapuranas. Relatively bigger in size. This Purana is primarily of a religious tone, dedicated mainly to the glory, various forms, their importance and valour of lord Siva.

There had been certain deities, who after once appearing over the Indian Religious horizon, never lost their importance and continue here even to the present times, facing all the political, religions and other adversities. Lord Siva comes under this category, because his following never disappeared from the Indian scence after he attained the position of adoration and worship. Lord Siva has always remained important among all the gods starting from the oldest scriptures- Vedas, Brahmana literatures and Upanisads to the late poets and writers of Kasmira, he has been always the mainframe of these literatures. Even various philosophies emerged in the past among the followers of lord Siva.

Siva-Mahapurana, besides the Mahatmya, is comprised of seven Samhitas:-
(i) Vidyesvara Samhita
(ii) Rudra Samhita-(a) Srsti Khanda, (b) Sati Khanda, (c) Parvati Khanda, (d) Kumara Khanda, (e) Yuddha Khanda
(iii) Satarudra Samhita
(iv) Koti Rudra Samhita
(v) Uma Samhita
(vi) Kailasa Samhita
(vii) Vayaviya Samhita- (a) First Part, (b) Second Part

While bringing out the English version of the Siva Purana, a new element of correlating the main events, with the available archaeological evidence in the entire length and breadth of the country relating to the gods and the goddesses referred to in this Purana, have been illustrated on the basis of which it makes this work of a unique character.


  Introduction xi
  Mahatmyam of Siva Purana 1
Chapter 1 The glory of the Purana 1
Chapter 2 Glory of the Purana 5
Chapter 3 Renunciation of Cancula-a Brahmana window 9
Chapter 4 Redemption of Cancula-a Brahmana widow 13
Chapter 5 Salvation of Binduga 18
Chapter 6 Method of listening to the Purana 23
Chapter 7 Description of the worship of the book and orator (speaker) 29
  Vidyesvara Samhita 34
Chapter 1 Discussion on Sadhya and Sadhana 34
Chapter 2 Reply to the question of the sages 38
Chapter 3 Discussion on Sadhya-sadhana 43
Chapter 4 The glory of listening, recitation and study of Purana for salvation 46
Chapter 5 The glory of Siva-linga 48
Chapter 6 Fight between Brahma and Visnu 51
Chapter 7 Contest between Visnu and Brahma 53
Chapter 8 Shattering the pride of Brahma 56
Chapter 9 Consecrating of the Siva-linga 58
Chapter 10 Discourse on Omkara 62
Chapter 11 Worship of Siva-linga and its consecration 66
Chapter 12 Description of the Siva-ksetras 72
Chapter 13 Description of a righteous person 75
Chapter 14 Agni-yajna 83
Chapter 15 Description of the country, time and vessel in Deva-yajna 87
Chapter 16 Description of the adoration of Parthiva Linga 92
Chapter 17 Glory of Pranava-pancaksara-mantra 102
Chapter 18 Glory of Sivalinga 115
Chapter 19 Glory of the adoration of Parthiva or clay Siva-linga 128
Chapter 20 Method of adoring Parthiva-linga 131
Chapter 21 Parthiva Pujana 136
Chapter 22 Glory of Siva naivedya and bilva (wood-apple) 141
Chapter 23 Glory of the names of Siva 144
Chapter 24 Process for the application of the ashes 148
Chapter 25 The glory of Rudraksa 157
  Rudra Samhita 166
  Srsti Khanda or Creation 166
Chapter 1 Question by the Sages 166
Chapter 2 Deputing of Kamadeva by Indra to disturb the tapas of Narada 169
Chapter 3 Svayamvara of Srimati and Narada's humiliation 173
Chapter 4 Narada reaches Vaikuntha and curses Visnu 178
Chapter 5 Narada's visit to Kasi 184
Chapter 6 Mahapralaya and Visnu's origin 187
Chapter 7 The dispute between Brahma and Visnu 192
Chapter 8 Description of the body of Sabdabrahman 197
Chapter 9 Siva-tattva highlighted 201
Chapter 10 Parama Siva-tattva 206
Chapter 11 Method of worshipping Siva 209
Chapter 12 Essentials and non-essentials of Siva's worship 216
Chapter 13 Mode of the adoration of Siva 223
Chapter 14 Directions for Siva's worship 229
Chapter 15 Manifestations of Rudra 236
Chapter 16 The Creation described 242
Chapter 17 The story of Gunanidhi 245
Chapter 18 Gunanidhi's salvation 250
Chapter 19 Friendship of Siva and Kubera 255
Chapter 20 Departure of Siva for Kailasa 257
  Rudra Samhita- Sati Khanda 263
Chapter 1 Brief story of Sati 263
Chapter 2 The appearing of Kamadeva 267
Chapter 3 Curse and blessing on Kama 270
Chapter 4 Marriage of Kamadeva 276
Chapter 5 The story of Sandhya 284
Chapter 6 Siva pleased with the worship of Sandhya 284
Chapter 7 Sandhya married to Vasistha as Arundhati 289
Chapter 8 Features of Vasanta 291
Chapter 9 Strength of Kamadeva and his attendants 295
Chapter 10 Conversation between Brahma and Visnu 300
Chapter 11 Brahma worships Durga and gets a boon 305
Chapter 12 Receiving a boon by Daksa from Durga 309
Chapter 13 Daksa's curse to Narada 313
Chapter 14 Birth of Sati and her childhood sports 316
Chapter 15 Description of Nandyavrata and eulogy of Siva 320
Chapter 16 Brahma and Visnu eulogise Siva 326
Chapter 17 Siva grants boon to Sati 331
Chapter 18 Marriage of Siva and Sati 336
Chapter 19 Sports of Sati 339
Chapter 20 Festivities of Sati's marriage 345
Chapter 21 Sports of Siva and Sati 349
Chapter 22 Love sports of Siva and Sati over the Himalaya 353
Chapter 23 Influence of devotion 359
Chapter 24 Sati's doubt about Rama's divinity 363
Chapter 25 Separation of Siva and Sati 368
Chapter 26 Cause of conflict between Daksa and Siva 374
Chapter 27 Start of the yajna of Daksa 378
Chapter 28 Sati's Travel 383
Chapter 29 Declaration of Sati 386
Chapter 30 Sati ends her life in fire-altar 391
Chapter 31 The divine voice 394
Chapter 32 Birth of Virabhadra and Siva's advice to him 396
Chapter 33 The march of Vsrabhadra 401
Chapter 34 Inauspicious omens witnessed by gods 403
Chapter 35 Visnu's speech 406
Chapter 36 Talk between Visnu and Virabhadra 409
Chapter 37 Destruction of the yajna of Daksa 415
Chapter 38 Conflict between Ksuva and Dadhica 420
Chapter 39 Fight between Ksuva and Dadhica 425
Chapter 40 Audience of gods with Siva 429
Chapter 41 The gods offer prayer to Siva 433
Chapter 42 Showering of grace on Daksa 437
Chapter 43 Performance of Daksa's yajna 441
  Rudra Samhita-Parvati Khanda 445
Chapter 1 Marriage of Himalaya 445
Chapter 2 Sanaka's curse to Menaka and others 447
Chapter 3 Visnu and other gods eulogise Siva 451
Chapter 4 The assurance of the goddess to the gods 454
Chapter 5 Menaka receives a boon 458
Chapter 6 Birth of Parvati 462
Chapter 7 Childhood sports of Parvati 467
Chapter 8 Conversation between Narada and Himalaya 469
Chapter 9 Performing of penance of Parvati and appearing of Siva before her 473
Chapter 10 Birth of Mars and his status of a planet by the grace of Siva 476
Chapter 11 Meeting between Siva and Himvat 478
Chapter 12 Conversation between Siva and Himalaya 482
Chapter 13 Talk between Siva and Parvati 485
Chapter 14 Birth of Taraka and Vajranga-their penance 490
Chapter 15 Taraka and his penance 493
Chapter 16 Brahma assures gods frightened by Taraka 498
Chapter 17 Discussion between Indra and Kamadeva 501
Chapter 18 Disturbance created by Kamadeva 505
Chapter 19 Destruction of Kamadeva 508
Chapter 20 The story of oceanic fire 512
Chapter 21 Narada's advice to Parvati 514
Chapter 22 Penance of Parvati 517
Chapter 23 Himavan dissuades Parvati but the gods go to meet Siva 523
Chapter 24 Siva agrees to Marry Parvati 527
Chapter 25 Seven sages test the devotion of Parvati 533
Chapter 26 Conversation between Jatila and Parvati 539
Chapter 27 Talk between Parvati and Brahmacari 543
Chapter 28 Witnessing of the real form of Siva by Parvati 546
Chapter 29 Talk between Parvati and Brahmacari 550
Chapter 30 Return of Parvati and the festivities 553
Chapter 31 Illusion of Siva 557
Chapter 32 Arrival of Sapta-Rsis 562
Chapter 33 Pleasing of Himavan 567
Chapter 34 The story of Anaranya 572
Chapter 35 The story of Padma and Pippalada 575
Chapter 36 Advice of the seven sages 580
Chapter 37 Despatch of letter of engagement and other connected celebrations 583
Chapter 38 Description of the mandapa 587
Chapter 39 Arrival of gods at Kailasa and departure of marriage party of Siva 590
Chapter 40 Siva's marriage procession 594
Chapter 41 Beauty of the mandapa 599
Chapter 42 Meeting between the lord and the mountain 603
Chapter 43 Wonderful sport of Siva 606
Chapter 44 Mena regains consciousness 611
Chapter 45 Siva assumes the pleasant form and people's delight 618
Chapter 46 Arrival of the Bridegroom 622
Chapter 47 Siva's ceremonious entry into the inner apartments of Himalaya 625
Chapter 48 The marriage of Siva and Parvati 629
Chapter 49 Delusion of Brahma 633
Chapter 50 The fun and jokes 637
Chapter 51 Revival of Kamadeva 641
Chapter 52 Serving of feast to the marriage party and retiring of Siva to the bed 644
Chapter 53 Siva's return after marriage 647
Chapter 54 The departure of the marriage party - duties of a chaste wife defined 650
Chapter 55 Siva returns to Kailasa 657
  Rudra Samhita 1
  Kumara Khanda 1
Chapter 1 Love sports of Siva and Parvati 1
Chapter 2 Birth of Kartikeya: the son of Siva 6
Chapter 3 Childhood sports of Kartikeya 12
Chapter 4 Search for Kartikeya and dialogue between Kartikeya and Nandi 15
Chapter 5 Crowning of Kartikeya 21
Chapter 6 Kumara's astonishing performance 26
Chapter 7 The starting of the war 29
Chapter 8 Battle between the gods and the demons 33
Chapter 9 Fight between Tarakasura and the gods 37
Chapter 10 Killing of Tarakasura 41
Chapter 11 Kumara's victory and the killing of Bana and Pralamba 45
Chapter 12 The story of Siva, Parvati and Kartikeya 48
Chapter 13 Birth of Ganesa 52
Chapter 14 Controversy with the ganas 55
Chapter 15 Ganesa's battle with Sivaganas 60
Chapter 16 Severing of the head of Ganesa 66
Chapter 17 Ganesa brought back to life 68
Chapter 18 Crowning of Ganesa as chief of Sivaganas 73
Chapter 19 Proposal for the marriage of Ganesa 79
Chapter 20 Marriage of Ganesa 83
  Rudra Samhita-Yuddha Khanda 87
Chapter 1 The demon Tripurasura 87
Chapter 2 Prayer by the gods 93
Chapter 3 Virtues of Tripura 98
Chapter 4 Receiving of Diksa by the lord of Tripura 102
Chapter 5 Fascination of Tripuras 108
Chapter 6 Prayer of Siva 113
Chapter 7 Prayer of Siva by the gods 117
Chapter 8 Making of a divine chariot by Visvakarma 120
Chapter 9 Siva's march for waging the war 123
Chapter 10 Burning of Tripura 127
Chapter 11 Prayer by gods after witnessing the awful of Siva 130
Chapter 12 Maya's taking refuge with Siva, bestowing of the Vitalaloka to him 133
Chapter 13 Punishing of Indra by Siva and restoring him to his original position 137
Chapter 14 Birth of Jalandhara from the oceanic fire and his marriage with Brnda 141
Chapter 15 Finding the severed head of Rahu, Jalandhara attacking Indra 144
Chapter 16 Fleeing of the gods from the heaven 150
Chapter 17 Visnu starting living in the abode of Jalandhara with Laksmi 153
Chapter 18 Narada highlighting the beauty of Parvati to Jalandhara 157
Chapter 19 Jalandhara's sending a messenger to Siva for getting Parvati 161
Chapter 20 Battle between the armies of Siva and Jalandhara 166
Chapter 21 Special war between the gods and the demons 171
Chapter 22 Jalandhara's approaching Parvati in the form of Siva 175
Chapter 23 Cheating of Vrnda by Visnu who is cursed by her 179
Chapter 24 Killing of Jalandhara at the hands of Siva 183
Chapter 25 God's prayer to Siva 188
Chapter 26 Visnu's applying of Vrnda's ashes over his body 191
Chapter 27 Performing of a tapas by Sambhasura for getting a son 196
Chapter 28 Performing to tapas by Samkhacuda and his marriage with Tulasi 199
Chapter 29 Previous birth of Samkhacuda 202
Chapter 30 Gods' prayer to Siva for the slaying of Samkhacuda 207
Chapter 31 Siva's discourse for gods 210
Chapter 32 Siva's deputing Puspadanta as a messenger to Samkhacuda 215


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The Siva Purana(Three Volumes)

The Siva Purana(Three Volumes)

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