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The Rgveda (A Brief Study)

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The great sage Yajnavalkya decalares in the Brhadaranyaka Upanisad (3.9.1,2 that gods are 3003 and then goes on to say that they are all different aspects of the one God. Similarly, even though the Vedas may be enumerated as four of Sixteen, they are all, ultimately, ONE.

Consequently, the entire body of the Veda, including all the including all the internal ramifications, teachers only one Truth, about God, the Supreme, just as a flower-plant always produces the same kind of flowers over the years, the revelations to the various rsis or sages over several centuries, always pointed towards the same basic Truth.

However, the Rgveda Considered as the oldest and the most basic to the entire Vedic literature needs a reverential study by every Hindu.

The purpose of this booklet is just to rouse the appetite of the reader to know more about this wonderful scripture.


The Veda is the original seed from which the huge banyan tree of Hinduism has evolved. It has four aspects, of which the Rgveda is the first.

A per the hoary tradition , believed in, by the Hindu orthodoxy, it was the sage Krsna-dvaipayana who gathered all the extant Vedic mantras of his times and divided them into four groups, thereby acquiring the honorific, Vedavyasa, or Vyasa. This division was necessitated by the practical needs felt in the performance of a sacrifice. All the mantras used by the priest hota (= one who calls upon ) to invite the various deities to a sacrifice, were collected together and called the Rgveda. Each of its mantras is known as a ‘rc’ or ‘rk’.

Being the most ancient and the basic work, it has, naturally, influenced the other three Vedas as also all their sub-divisions.


Preface 3
Key to Transliteration and Pronunciation 5
Vedic prayer (Gayatri) 7
1 Introduction 8
2 Date of the Rgveda 10
3 Methods of Devision 13
4 Sankhas or Branches 15
5 Internal Devisions 16
6 Rsis or Sages 19
7 Devatas or Deities 21
8 Literary Grace 24
9 Commentaries 29
10 Philosophy of the Rgveda 34
11 Society of the Rgvedic Times 38
12 Epilogue 39
Vedic Prayers
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Cover: Paperback
Edition: 2003
Publisher: Ramakrishan Math
ISBN: 8179070220
Size: 7.2 inch X 4.9 inch
Pages: 39
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The Rgveda (A Brief Study)

The Rgveda (A Brief Study)

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