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1.- Benediction. At the end of the ling sacrifice, Saunaka and other Risis engaged in holy conversation asked Suta, well versed in Pauranic lores the cause of the Lord assuming the form of a fish, how did Mahadeva become Bhairava and Purari and for what reason did he become a mendicant. At that Suta told Saunaka and other Risis the reason of the Lord assuming the form of a fish and the meeting of Matsya and Manu 1
2.- Then being ordained by the Lord, Manu tying his boat to the tentacles of the divine fish, using the serpent as rope, and saluting Janardana after the deluge was over, seated on the boat asked the Lord, who was in the form of the fish, the origin and the end of the Universe and the Laws of Gift and Sraddha and about the division of caste, etc. at that the Lord Narayana told him the origin of the Universe and its end 7
3.- Manu's question to Matsya as to how the Lord Brahma became four-faced and how did he create the Universe. Then the origin from brahma of the Veda and the origin of marichi, the ten mental ones, and the origin of Daksa, the ten corporal ones, as told by Matsya, and the appearance of the five faces of Brahma in order to see the beauty of Satarupa and the narration of the origin of Swayumbhu and others 11
4.- The description of the 1st Creation. Absence of sin on the part of Brahma by going to his own daughter. Manu's question to Matsya as to the Advisability of the marriage relations between Sagotras and their children. Matsya's answer to the effects that it does not tend to the welfare of mankind in discussing the propriety or otherwise of the actions and conduct of gods. Then Brahma, who was ashamed on account of this incestuous connection with his daughter, cursed Kamadeva that he should be ere long turned into ashes by Mahadeva and others in Satrupas. >From Vamadeva the origin of Brahmanas. Then the production of Priyavrata and Uttanapada in his wife Ananti by Manu of austere penance. From Uttanapada the birth of Dhruva by his wife Sunita. The attainment of the boon of getting a fixed place by Brahma as a result of his penances lasting for three thousand years. Dhrua produced a virtuous son in the daughter of Manu Dhanya. Sista produced Kripadi through Suchaya, daughter of Agni. The begetting of Daksa by the ten Prachetasa in Marisa, the daughter of Moon. Then the narration of the birth of 80 crores of beings. 16
5.- The description of the birth of gods and others. Then Daksa, seeing the final journey undertaken his thousand sons by advice of Narada, produced on Panchjavi. He produced another thousand sons known as Shavala. They, too, went the path of their brothers at Narada's instigations. Then after that he produced sixty daughters and gave then to Dharma and others. Then the birth of Kartikeya in the clumps of reed. And the description of the birth of all the different gods from those girls. 22
6.- The description of Kasyapa's family 25
7.- The birth of sons of Ditis known as Marutas. There at Siawant-panchak, on the banks of Saraswati, Diti, whose sons were killed practising austere penances, in order to get sons performed in Lord Kasyapa appeared and offered her a boon. At that Diti asked for sons who would be killers of Indra and afflictors of all devas. Kasyapa, too. According to his vow, gave her the desired boon. Indra, hearing about Kasyapa's boon to Diti, feigning to serve her mother and finding a loop-hole, viz., that she went to sleep without washing her feet, entered the womb of Diti and cut her son by vajra into seven parts and again cut each of those parts into seven parts. Then determining that, by the virtue of the greatness of Krisna puja, she cannot be killed, appeased the awakened mother, saying 'Don't weep.' Let the Marutas become the participators of sacrifice and taking Diti on an aerial car went to Heaven along with Maruta and others. 29
8.- Treats of the anointment for kingship. Then Brahma, in the sovereignty of the earth, made Chandrama the lord of medicinal herbs, sacrifices, fasts and penances; Varuna of waters; Kubera of wealth; Visnu of all suns; fire of all vasus; Daksa of, prajapati; Indra of wind; Prahlada of demons; Yama of manes; Siva of demons and others; the Himalayas of mountains; the Ocean of waters; Chitraratha of gandharvas and others; Vasuka of serpents; Taksaka of other snakes; the Lion of other beasts; the Bull of the cows; and the Trees of the herbs. The devas Sadharma, Sankhapada, Ketumana and Hiranyaromana were made kings of all four directions, east, south, west and north respectively. They still protect the universe by ruling over the directions by destroying the enemies 37
9.- The description of Manvantara. The order of names of those son 38
10.- The description of Vena family. As Vena, the son of Sunetha, the daughter of Mrityu of anga Prajapati, was engaged in sinful deeds, the sages in order to bring about law and order approached him, but when the king did not pay heed to their counsel they killed him by their curse and being afraid of anarchy, the sinless Brahmanas churned his body by force. By churning his body the portion of evil qualities of his mother; and from the portion of his father appeared the right hand with great difficulty a most brilliant heavenly figure armed with bow and arrow and club of the name of Prithu. Being anointed by the Brahmanas he practised severe austerities and by the blessings of Vishnu became most powerful. Seeing the earth devoid of all righteous deeds Prithu prepared himself to burn her by his anger and who trembling took the form of a cow and began to run. She stopped and asked what to do. The king making Swayambhu Manu as the calf milked the cow with his own hands of the desired-for grains for all the world, moving or fixed. Then the description of how the sages milked the earth using the moon as the calf. 41
11.- The description of the meeting of Budha in the history o the lunar and solar races. Rajni, the daughter of Vivaswat a Raivat a brought forth Raivata, Prabha gave birth to Prabhat, Samjui, the daughter of Visvakarma, became the mother of Manu. She also gave birth to Yama and Yamuna, who were twins. Then Samjni, unable to bear the power of the Sun, producing one lady from her body known as Chhaya and directing her to stay near him went a way elsewhere. The sun mistaking her to be Samjna satisfied his desires. He produced from her Savarni Manu of the same Varna and Sani and Tapati and visti. Then Yama seeing that she pays more attention to her sons becoming angry threw a kick on his mother. Learning from the lips of twastra hat this is Chhaya and hearing "Samjna came to was in the form of Vadawa, uncalled and stayed in the country of Maru he being passionate going there in the form of a horse enjoyed with her. Samjna doubting that he was some one else threw his semen through her nostrils. The two Asirnis were born out or that seed. Vaivasata Many had ten powerful sons, Ikswaku and others, out of whom Ila, in order to win the, whose earth, visited all the countries and reached the garden of Sambhu and was transformed into a women by the curse of Siva. Budha, the son of the Moon, looks at her while wandering in the forest and desires to marry. She, too, lived with him for long.

12.- The brothers of Ila set out in search of the king and reaching the hermitage of Budha aw the horse; "the splendour of the Meru" turned into a mare, and hearing the cause from the lips of Vasistha began to please Siva. The Lord Siva said that if the Ikswaku performed the sacrifice and Ila became a Kimpurusa. For one month assuming the form of a woman and for another that of man and staying

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