The Immortal Characters of The Ramayana (Classic Literature for Children) (Set of 4 Books)


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illustrations Satpalsingh Chhabda

Adaptation Asmita Bhatt

We are pleased to publish the dedicate the immortal characters of the Ramayana to our young readers.

The Ramayana is not only a great epic but a record of our rich culture and heritage. The stories in these books are edited versions of dramatic incidents and popular legends of this brilliant epic.

The simple and well structured language of these books will encourage self reading in children and enrich their vocabulary. The lucid style and attractive pictures will captivate their imagination. The portrayal and interpretation of the characters will develop a deep sense of understanding and reasoning in children arouse their creativity and sensitivity and inspire them to develop a strong moral mind set.

We are sure that even grown ups will appreciate our humble contribution to children’s literature.

Contents to the 1 Book

1 Shravana - 1
2 Shravana - 2
3 Little Rama
4 Prince Rama
5 Kaikeyi - 1
6 Kaikeyi - 2
Contents to the 2 Book

7 Bharata -1
8 Bharata - 2
9 Sita
10 Sita Abduction
11 Jatayu
Contents to the 3 Book

12 Shabari
13 Vaali
14 Hanumana
15 Haunumana in Search of Sita
16 Hanumana Sets Lanka on Fire
Contents to the 4 Book

17 Vibheeshana
18 Lakshmana
19 Ravana
20 Rama and Ravana on the Battlefield
21 Sita’s Ordeal by Fire