ब्रह्माण्ड महापुराणम्: The Brahmanda Purana (Horizontal Edition): Sanskrit Only


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1. Purananukramanika: Invocation - Descent of Puranic lore-Arrival of the purana reciter Romaharshana at Kurukshetra-The sages assembled request him to recite to the Brahmanda Purana-Romaharshana sets out the nature and contents of the Purana. 1a
2. Naimishakhyana-kathanakam: Legend of the Naimisha region, indicating its etymology-Story of King Pururavas and his destruction at the hands of the sages, for his attempt to seize the golden altar at the 12-year sacrifice at Naimisha-His son Ayus succeeds Pururavas and conciliates the sages. 5a
3. Hiranyagarbhotpatti-varnanam: Creation of the Universe-Emergence of the Cosmic Egg out of the cosmic waters. 6a
4. Lokakalpanam: Constitution of and stages in the life of the Cosmic Egg-The qualities of sattva, rajas and tamas and their being the nature of Vishnu and other gods-Description of the Kalpa (the great aeon) 7a
5. Lokakalpanam: Creation-The great Boar incarnation of Vishnu lifting up the earth-Primary and Secondary Creation-Creation of gods, sages and others, and their dissolution. 7b
6. Kalpa-Manvantarakhyanam: Kalpa and Manvantaras-The occurrence therein of gods, sages and manes. 11a
7. Lokajnana-varnanam Chaturasramavibhagascha: Division of the earth-The four yugas (aeons) Krta, Treta, Dvapara and Kali-Geography of the earth Occurrence of flora and fauna etc.-The four castes and their duties and stages in life. 13a
8. Manasa-srshti-varnanam Devadisrshtikathanam cha: Mind-born sons of God Brahma-Creation of gods, sages, manes and men. 17b
9. Rudraprasava-varnanam Manvantaravarnanam cha: Creation by Brahma of Rudra and others, and, later, of the sages Bhrgu, Angiras and again of Manu-Descent of men from Manu and the creation of bhutas, pisachas etc. by Rudra. 19b
10. Mahadevavibhuti-varnanam: Creation of Rudra-Birth of Nilalohita-His eight names and eight forms. 21b
11. Rshisarga-varnanam: Creation of the sages Bhrgu, Angiras, Marichi, Pulastya etc. 23b
12. Agnivamsa-varnanam: Creation of Agni-His progeny and ten different Fires. 24b
13. Kala-sadbhava-varnanam Dakshasapa-varnanam cha: Creation of the seasons-Seasons as manes-Prajapati Daksha and his progeny-Daksha’s sacrifice, at which Siva, who was married to Daksha’s daughter Sati, was not invited-Self-immolation of Sati-Mutual curse of Daksha and Siva-Sages and their progeny. 26b
14. Svayambhuva-Priyavrata-vamsanukirttanam: King Priya-vrata and his dynasty. 29b
15. Prthivyayamavistarah: Description of Jambudvipa, its divisions, countries, mountains, etc.  
16. Bharata-varnanam: Description of Bharata (India)-Its divisions, inhabitants, mountains, rivers etc. 33b
17. Kimpurushadivarsha-varnanam: Description of other continents such as Kimpurusha, Hari, Ilavrta etc., with details. 35a
18. Jambudvipa-varnanam: Ganga and its origin from Kailasa in Jambudvipa-Its flow in the four directions. 36a
19. Plakshadvipa-varnanam: Description of Plaksha and other island-continents, Salmali, Kusa, Krauncha, Saka and Pushkara. 38a
20 Adholoka-varnanam: Description of the seven nether regions occupied by Nagas, Rakshasas etc. 42b
Puranic astronomy
21. Adityavyuha-varnanam: The astronomical situation of the Earth-Sun and moon and their movements- Divisions of time-Motion of the celestial bodes. 44a
22. Devagrahanukirttanam: Motion of the Stars and Planets-Formation of clouds-The Solar car. 48b
23. Dhruvacharyyakirttanam: Occupation by different gods etc. of the months of the six seasons-The Lunar car-Celestial bodies revolving round the Pole star. 50a
24. Jyotisham sannivesanam: Sun and moon-Sun being the source of light for other luminaries and the cause for the seasons, the growth of vegetation, etc. 56b
25. Nilakanthanamotpatti-kathanam: Legend of Siva becoming blue-necked by swallowing the poison that emerged at the churning of the milky ocean by gods and demons. 56b
26. Lingotpatti-kathanam: Radiant Linga idol of Siva and the eulogy of Siva by Vishnu. 59b
27. Daruvana-pravesah bhasmasnana-vidhis cha: Siva wandering naked and smeared with ash in the Daru forest inhabited by sages who curse him-But when they recognize him, they install his idol and eulogise him-Siva instructing the sages on the efficacy of ash-bath. 61a
28. Amavasyasraddhe pitrvichaya: Obsequial ablutions of the manes as performed by King Pururavas and the greatness of the act. 64b
Yugas (aeons) and related matters
29. Yugavarttah: The Yuga-cycle, its duration etc. 66b

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