Srimat Sita Ramanjaneyam (An Old and Rare Book)


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The Ramayana is generally regarded as the first poetical work of purely human origin in the literature of India, and its traditional author, Valmiki, as the first Indian Poet.

One cannot but marvel at the wonderful influence of Ramayana on the life of the people in India. It is the mirror of the highest ideals of Hindu culture and civilization.

Sanskrit, as a tool of cultural communication, holds a unique place among the languages of the world. It is the only language which has come down to us from prehistoric times with a uninterruped history.

We are happy to bring out the book entitled "Sri Sita Ramanjaneyam". Just as there can be no end to reading and re-reading of Ramayana there can be no end to the production of such books as they fulfil a felt spiritual need.

The general style in which this poem is composed differs from that of many verses of recent times by its diffuseness, simplicity and charm. We have no words adequate and appropriate to thank the author, Dr. D. Arkasomayaji for the unbounded zeal and care with which he has written the book.

We hope that this publication will be welcomed by all those interested in our great heritage of ancient wisdom.

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