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Srimad Bhagavata Purana - In Two Volumes

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Srimad Bhagavata-Mahatmya

Number of Discourses

  1. A Dialogue between Narada and Bhakti (in a living form)
  2. A Dialogue between the Kumaras and Narada
  3. Cessation of Bhakti's suffering
  4. Redemption of a Brahmana (Atmadeva)
  5. How Gokarna attained final beatitude (alongwith others)
  6. The procedure of hearing Srimad Bhagavata (in a week) detailed


Srimad Bhagavata Mahapurana
Book One
  1. Saunaka and other sages interrogate the famous Suta (Ugrasrava)
  2. Glory of the Lord's narrative and of Devotion to Him
  3. The Lord's Avataras or Descents into the world of matter
  4. A Sense of frustration overtakes Vedavyasa
  5. Glory of singing the Lord's praises and an account of Devarsi Narada's previous life
  6. The rest of the story of Narada's previous birth
  7. Aswatthama assassinates Draupadi's sons and Arjuna in his turn curbs his pride
  8. The Lord delivers Pariksit in the womb and is extolled by Kunti; Yudhisthira gives way to grief
  9. Yudhisthira and others call on Bhisma and the latter drops his mortal coil, extolling Sri Krsna
  10. Sri Krsna's Departure to Dwaraka
  11. Right royal reception of Sri Krsna at Dwaraka
  12. Birth of Pariksit
  13. Departure of Dhrtarastra and his wife Gandhari, for the forest at the instance of Vidura
  14. King Yudhisthira grows apprehensive at the sight of evil omens and Arjuna returns from Dwaraka
  15. Stricken with grief at their separation from Sri Krsna, the Pandavas install Pariksit on the throne of Hastinapura and ascend to heaven
  16. Conquest of the world by king Pariksit and the dialogue between Dharma (the god of piety) and Mother Earth
  17. King Pariksit subdues Kali
  18. The youthful sage Srngi utters an imprecation against king Pariksit
  19. Pariksit takes a vow of fasting till death and Suka pays a visit to him


Book Two
  1. The process of meditation and the cosmic form of the Lord described
  2. Concentration on the gross and subtle forms of the Lord and the two types of Mukti (Liberation), viz., Kramamukti or gradual Liberation and Sadyomukti or immediate Liberation
  3. Worship of different deities for the gratification of various desires and the superiority of Devotion to the Lord
  4. The king asks a question about the creation of the Universe and the sage Suka commences his discourse
  5. A description of the cosmos
  6. Glories of the Cosmic Being
  7. The stories of the Lord's sportful descents
  8. King Pariksit asks various questions of the sage Suka
  9. Brahma beholds the divine Abode of the Lord and is taught by Him the text of the Bhagavata, consisting of four couplets only.
  10. The ten characteristic feature of the Bhagavata


Book Three
  1. Meeting of Uddhava and Vidura
  2. Uddhava recounts the childish sports of the Lord
  3. A brief survey of the Lord's other exploits
  4. As directed by Uddhava, Vidura calls on the sage Maitreya
  5. The sage Maitreya describes the process of creation in reply to Vidura's question
  6. Appearance of the Cosmic Body
  7. Vidura's questions
  8. Brahma's manifestation
  9. Brahma extols the Lord
  10. Description of the tenfold creation
  11. Divisions of Time such as Manvatara and so on
  12. The multiplication of creation
  13. The Lord's Descent as the Divine Boar
  14. Diti's conception
  15. Sanaka and his three brothers pronounce a curse against Jaya and Vijaya
  16. The fall of Jaya and Vijaya from Vaikuntha
  17. Birth of Hiranyakasipu and Hiranyaksa and the latter's conquest of the four quarters
  18. Encounter of the Divine Boar with Hiranyaksa
  19. Death of Hiranyaksa
  20. The various species of living beings created by Brahma
  21. The sage Kardama practices austere penance and the Lord confers a boon on him
  22. The sage Kardama accepts the hand of Devahuti
  23. Amorous pastimes of Kardama and Devahuti
  24. Descent of Lord Kapila
  25. Lord Kapila expatiates on the glory of Devotion in response to the query of mother Devahuti
  26. The process of evolution of the Mahat-tattva and other fundamental principles
  27. How to attain Liberation through the differentiation of Matter and Spirit?
  28. The process of the eightfold Yoga
  29. True meaning of devotion and the glory of Time
  30. Downfall of men attached to their body, house etc
  31. The stages of growth of a human embryo
  32. Destiny of the souls departing from this world by the "Bright Path", the "Dark Path" and so on, and the superiority of Bhaktiyoga
  33. Devahuti receives the light of wisdom and attains final beatitude
Book Four
  1. The Progeny of Swayambhuva Manu's Daughters
  2. III-feeling between Lord Siva and Daksa
  3. Sati insists on joining the sacrificial festival at her father's
  4. Sati burns herself with the fire of Yoga
  5. Virabhadra wrecks Daksa's sacrifice and beheads him
  6. Brahma and the other gods proceed to Kailasa and appease Lord Siva
  7. Completion of Daksa's sacrifice
  8. Dhruva's departure for the woods
  9. Dhruva returns home after receiving a boon from the Lord
  10. Uttama's death at the hands of the Yaksas and Dhruva's encounter with them
  11. Swayambhuva Manu intervenes and persuades Dhruva to cease fighting
  12. Kubera confers a boon on Dhruva, who ascends to the abode of Lord Visnu
  13. Dhruva's posterity and the narrative of king Anga
  14. The story of king Vena
  15. Descent and coronation of king Prthu
  16. Glorification of king Prthu by the bards
  17. King Prthu gets angry with Earth and the latter extols him
  18. King Prthu milks Goddess Earth in the form of a cow
  19. King Prthu performs a hundred horse-sacrifices
  20. Lord Visnu manifests Himself in the sacrificial hall of King Prthu
  21. king Prthu's teaching to his subjects
  22. The sage Sanaka and his three brothers impart instruction to King Prthu
  23. King Prthu practises asceticism and departs for the other world
  24. The hymn sung by Lord Siva (and taught to the Pracetas)
  25. Introductory part of the parable of Puranjana
  26. Puranjana goes a hunting to the forest and the queen gets angry with him
  27. Raid of Candavega against the capital of Puranjana and the story of Kalakanya
  28. Puranjana is reborn as a woman and attains liberation through the teaching of his friend, Avijnata
  29. The Dialogue between king Pracinabarhi and the sage Narada (continued)
  30. Bhagavan Visnu confers a boon on the Pracetas, who then return to their city and marry the foster-daughter of the trees.
  31. The story of the Pracetas
Book Five
  1. The story of Priyavrata
  2. An account of Agnidhra
  3. The descent of Lord Rsabha
  4. The sovereign[/product_description] [product_video]
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    Cover: Hardcover
    Edition: 2018
    Publisher: Gita Press, Gorakhpur
    ISBN: 8129301563
    Language: Sanskrit Text with English Translation
    Size: 11.0" X 7.5"
    Pages: 1565 (Color Illus: 18)
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Srimad Bhagavata Purana - In Two Volumes

Srimad Bhagavata Purana - In Two Volumes

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