Sri Subodhini Commentary on Srimad Bhagavata Purana by Mahaprabhu Shri Vallabhacharya Canto: Ten-Chapters 57 to 63 (Volume 11)


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The volume presents, for the first time in English language, the translation, based on devotion to our Lord Sri Krishna (bhakti), bringing out, from the original Sanskrit text, the “bhavartha” (meaning of the innerspirit and underlying loving sentiments, with which, this treatise has been written), of the monumental commentary Sri Subodhini, on the Maha Bhagavata Purana, by Mahaprabhu Sri Vallabhacharya (c 1479 – c 1531).

The tenth canto of Sri Bhagavatam is considered by all Vaishnavas as the most valuable and sacred canto, among the 12 antos of this Purana – as this canto deals with the divine leelas of our lord Shri Krishna, who is the Shri Purushothama – the supreme lord of the universe.

Shri Vallabhacharya’s Sri Subodhini, is available only for the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 10th and few chapters of the 11th canto of Sri Bhagavatam. Sri Subodhini is considered as the most detailed commentary, among all the available commentaries, of Sri Bhagavatam.

In this volume, 7 chapters of the 10th canto are dealt with, with the original verse of Sri Bhagavatam, it’s English meaning, the text of Sri Subodhini, in Sanskrit and it’s English meaning. Whereever necessary, the commentaries / explanations given by Shri Gosainji (Shri Vitthalnatha), Shri Vallabhji, Shri Laloo Bhatji and Shri Purushotamji have been also added.

The seven chapters respectively deal with (1) “Syamantaka” Gem being stolen, redemption of Satadhanwa and calling of Akrura to Dwaraka by our Lord (2) The “Leela” of our Lord Shri Krishna’s “Marriages” (3) Redemption of “Bhowmasura” and the marriage of our Lord with 16100 wives. (4) The Dialogue between our lord Shri Krishna and Shri Rukmini (5) The description about our Lord’s children and the killing of Rukmi (6) The meeting of Usha and Anirudha and (7) The “Fighting” of our Lord Shri Krishna with demon Baanasura.

Born in a village, founded by Adi Shankracharya, as the son of very devout parents, the late T.K. Viswanatha Iyer and Ranganayaki Ammal, Ramanan was initiated into the study of the Vedas, the Upanishads, Puranas, the Gita, Sanskrit treatises and the Sacred Chantings from the age of 5.

His initiation into the path of Bhakti was blessed by his Acharya and Guru, Shri Ubhaya Vedanta Srirangam Sampath Kumara Swami, who is 77 now and is a symbol of our Lord’s love and compassion. He is honoured and loved by everyone, as a noble Saint of Shri Ramanuja Sampradaya.

Ramanan says “if ever there is a faint and feeble remembrance of our Lord, in my mind, it is entirely due to the Grace of my Guru and his prayers to our Lord Shri Laxmi Narayana”

Arising out of a chance meeting with one of the greatest saints of our times, Shri Shyam Manohar Goswamijee, a direct descendant of Shri Mahaprabhu Vallabhacharya, becoming the recipient of His love, Grace and Compassion, Ramanan was inspired to attempt writing this translation into English of the monumental commentary of Shri Subodhini, by Mahaprabhu Shri Vallabhacharya, which in the words of Srimad Andavan of Srirangam, a noble and most loving Saint of the Ramanuja Sampradaya “cannot be fully and truly translated, into any other language, as Shri Vallabhacharya had the highest love for Lord Krishna”

Hence, at best, this translation, in the words of Ramanan “is a humble attempt to becoming deserving to get the Grace of our Lord Shri Krishna, through the Blessings and Grace of my Gurudeva Shri Ubhaya Vedanta Srirangam Sampath Kumara Swamin, Shri Shyam Manohar Goswamijee, Srimad Andavan of Srirangam and all Devotees and Bhaktas of our Lord”


But for the unique shower of grace of our Lord Shri Krishna, arising out of just one darshan of Goswamy Shyam Manohar Maharaj, thus proving the Bhagavata dictum (Blessings showered due to the Darsan of Mahatmas even, though, the contact is only for a second), this utterly feeble attempt to write a free flowing, Bhakti-based, translation of our Shri Mahaprabhu Vallabhacharya’s monumental commentary on Shri Maha Bhagvata Purana “Shri Subodhini” would not have taken place at all. This inspiration to attempt to take up this work is due to the unique and most loving compassion of our Lord Shri Krishna, Shri Goswamy Shyam Manoharji and my Gurudeva Ubhaya Vedanta Shri Sampathkumara Swami, who instructed me to do this as a sacred duty.

I am fully aware of the countless defects I have, and I am not in any way fit or capable of doing full justice to this most Holy inspired work of our Shri Mahaprabhuji. But, the Grace and love of Goswamy Shri Shyam Manoharji and my Gurudeva has enabled me to get courage to attempt to undertake this task. Personally, our Lord has filled me with Bliss and Joy, through this and I pray and wish that the Divine Leelas of our Lord, as explained by our Shri Mahaprabhuji, will confer Joy and Bliss for everyone.

Goswamy Shri Shyam Manoharji gave a lot of his very valuable time and told me to continue to do this work “leaving everything to Thakur” (our Lord Shri Krishna). My own gracious Gurudeva Shri Sampathkumara Swami blessed this work after going through some parts of the same.

Notwithstanding the several defects in this translation (in understanding, explaining, interpreting etc.), Shri Shyam Manohar Goswamiji has been very kind and gracious to bless this work, from time to time, and also bless with his loving Aaseervad! I am eternally indebted to this great Mahatma, symbolizing our Lord’s love for all of us!.

My Gurudeva, a great Mahatma and a Mahabhaktha, always showed limitless love and Blessings. It is due to his Grace, that, the remembrance of our Lord, is there in me. Always peaceful and smiling, he gives Peace and Joy to everyone, who comes into contact with him. He symbolizes our Lord’s love for His creation. Silently he contributes to the welfare of deserving persons and infuses in them, Bhakti to our Lord.

Blessings were secured from Parampujya Shri Morari Bapu and our beloved Shri Andavan of Periashramam, Srirangam. Shri Andavan Swami told me, that Shri Vallabhacharya’s Sri Subodhini cannot be translated, properly and fully, by anyone, as our Mahaprabhuji had the highest Devotion and Bhakti to our Lord and unless one has such a deep and abiding Bhakti, the attempt to translate, will ever remain incomplete.!

The entire work was patiently, quickly and with great and quiet Bhakti typed in the computer, by Shri Jamnu Ghanshamdas Hundalani and other devotees of Hundalani family. This labour of their love for our Lord Shri Krishna is immeasurable and no words of gratitude will be enough – except that we will all pray for the welfare of this devoted family and love for our Lord Shri Krishna.

I owe a deep debt of gratitude to Shri Subodhini Prakashan Mandal (Jodhpur). My translation is, to a very large extent, based on this book and I am, indeed, very grateful for this Mandal.

Our gratitude is due to Shri Gopaldasji, whose knowledge of the Sampradaya literature is so very vast and erudite, for his patient correction of the Sanskrit proofs and advice/help, given from time to time.

Special thanks are due to Shri Nareshji and Shri Sunilji, of Indian Books Centre and Sri Satguru Publications for their love and devotion. Grateful thanks are due for those artists, whose works of art, as photos, have been included in this volume.

Finally, my humble prayers to all, to forgive the endless shortcomings/errors in this work, which are entirely mine. The Maha Bhagavata Purana is intended to be enjoyed by “Rasika: Bhuvi Bhavuka:” Let us all pray to our Lord Shri Krishna, to bless us with “Rasa” and “Bhava”, so that, we can all together, enjoy our Lord’s Compassion, Bliss and Grace.

Blessings from Parama Poojya Shri Goswami Shyam Majoharji

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