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About the Book

The tenth incarnation of Lord Visnu in the form of Kalki has delineated in Kalkipurana. Kali was born after the departure of Lord Visnu for his heavenly abode Vaikuntha whence the whole populace became immoral, corrupt and incorrigible. All the gods with Earth in forefront and Lord Brahma went to the abode of Visnu and brifed Hin about the avils of Kali.

On hearing this Lord Visnu incanated in the form of Lalki to annihilate Kali, establish Krtayuga and promote Dharma. The whole story of the incarnation of Lord Kalki has been given profoundly in 1366 verses.

Although the incidents are yet to happen in future they have delineated as having happened the past. Kalkipurana has neither been translated in Hindi nor English. Therefore, a connoisseur has been deprived of having its nectar like taste. Hence for a seeker of knowledge an English translation with original Sanskrit text alongwith relevant notes explanations is produced here. An attempt has also been made to explain complicated, deep and oblique verses.

About the Author

Dr. (Mrs) Pushpa Gupta passed B.A. Hons in Sanstrit with 1st position in 1965 from in M.A. IN 1987. She was awardwd Ph.D. degree also from Delhi University.

She joined Lakshmibai college as a lecturer in 1969 and retired as Associate Professor in 2011 from there only.

Dr. Gupta was a member of the editorial board of carya Ratna Sri Desabhusanaji Maharaja Abhinansana Grantha released by forms President of India Jnani Zaila Singhaji. She presented more than 40 research papers on different subjects in national and international conferences and seminars most of which have been published in different journals.

Sanskrit Siksaka Sammana, Sanskrit Samararadhaka Sammana (7 times), Hindi Sevi Sammana, Rastriya Hindi Sevi Sahasrabdi Sammana, Bharata Excellence Award and Mahila Sri Sammana have been bestowed on her.

Dr. Gupta organized a two day National Seminar on “Relevance of Sanskrit and its Literature in moder globalization” sponsored by U.G.C.


Kalkipurana contains a description of the ten tenth incarnation of Lord Visnu Kalki who is yet to be born

Sutaji narrated the same story of Kalki incarnation to sages Sanaka etc. when asked in Naimisaranya as the one told Brahma to the divine sage Narada and later expounded by Narada to Maharsi Vyasa. It is to be noted that though future happening have been delineated in Kalkipurana as to how after the departure of Lord Visnu for his heavenly abode Vaikuntha, Kaliyuga manifested itself to which sin, Adharma, lawlessness etc. became rapant all over.

Then Lord Visnu on being rquessted by the godes assured them that he would take birth in the house of king Visnuyasa and Sumati and after annilating all barbarians, Yavanas, atheists, Buddhists etc. alongwith Kali would re-established Dharma and Krtayauga and would return to Vikuntha.

All tese happening have been related in this Purana in such a manner as if they have already taken place in the past. It was at all impossible for the omniscient rsis and sages to visualize the future happening and describe them in detail.

The three parts of Kalkipurana consist of chapters and 1366 verses. There are seven chapters in Part I, seven Part II, and 21 in the III past wherein the qwhole of Kalki incarnation has been desrible explicitly in meaningful words. The valorous deeds of Lord Kalki have propounded in the form of a tale. The chapter ‘About Kikipurana’ while expounding the Purana throws light on its peculiarities that the five characteristics of te Puranas i.e. SARGA, Pratisarga, Vamsa, Manvantra and Vamsanucarita are duly wound in this Kalkipurana.

Contemporary political, social, economic, geographical and religious all aspects have enhanced the prominence and beauty of this Purana.

Thereafter, the summary of 35 chapter of the three parts has been delineated very briefly so that a connoisseur my get a glimpse of the Purana.

Once while talking to Mr. Ravi Malhotra, the proprietor of Eastern Book Linkers, I learnt that only the original Sanskrit text of Kalkipurana was available. Hearing this I was astonished with sorrow that such an important and interesting Kalkipurana because of the non-availability of its translation has deprived many knowledge seekers from its taste and how many will still be deprived. Hence, the English translation alongwith the original Sanskrit text is being produced here for a seeker to quench his by its nectar like taste.

There are some parts in this Purana which are obscure, deep and difficult. A sinere effort has been made to clarify and explain such verses for uninterrupted pleasure of a reader.

I am obliged to Mr. Ravi Malhotra on whose motivation this work could be produced. A Hindi translatin of the Kalkipurana is also available now for the good heated readers.


(i) Foreword v
(ii) About Kalkipurana vii
(iii) Summary of Kalkipurana xxi
(iv) Contents of Kalkipurana xxxv
Part I
Chapter I (i) Introduction 1
(ii) Saunaka etc. enquire abot future from Sutaji 2
(iii) Suka attains Kailkipurana 2
(iv) Kali is born 3
(v) Description of Kaliyuga 3
(vi) Evils of Kaliyuga 4
(vii) The gods visit Brahmaloka accopanied by Earth 5
(viii) Descitipon of the Brahmaloka 5
Chapter 2 (i) Evils of Kali are exposed before Brahmaji by the gods 6
(ii) Departure of Brahma and gods for Vaikuntha 7
(iii) The gods submit their ewquest to Visnu 7
(iv) Decision of Visnu to incarnate in the house of Visnuyasa 7
(v) Sumati, the ife of Visnuyasa becomes pregnet 8
(vi) Gods celebrate the birth of Visnu 8
(vii) Visnu forgoes his four armed image in favour of two armed one 9
(viii) Arrival of Parasurama, Krpa etc. for a glimpse of Kalki 9
(ix) Naming of Kalki 9
(x) Father preaches Kalki at His sacred thread ceremony 10,11
Chapter 3 (i) Kalki's departure for gurukul and the arrival of Jamadagni 12
(ii) Kalki studies Vedas, archery etc. 12
(iii) Kalki wants to pay guru-daksina 12
(iv) Kalki's eulogy of Siva and a glimpes of Siva at Vilvodakesvara 13
(v) Appearnce of Siva alongwith Parvati and their granting a boon to Kalki 14
(vi) Kalki receives a hourse, sword and a Suka (parrot) from Siva 14
(vii) Kalki returns home 15
(viii) Kalki expounds the duties of four asramas 26
Chapter 4 (i) Kalki talk about religion 17
(ii) Characteristic of bramanas 18,19
(iii) Description of Simhala island by Suka 20
(iv) Description of princess Padma 20,21
(v) Padma receive a boon from Sivaji 21
Chapter 5 (i) A svayamvara is arranged for Padma 22
(ii) Womanhood for the expectant kings 24
Chapter 6 (i) Lamentation of Padma 25
(ii) Kalki orders Suka to go to Padma 25
(iii) Conversation of Padma and Suka 26
Chapter 7 (i) Description of the worship of Visnu 29
Part II
Chapter 1(i) Suka expoundes the incarnation in front of Padma 35
(ii) Suka returns to Sambhala 37
(iii) Conversation of Kalki and Suka 37
(iv) Departure of Kalki for Simhala island 38
Chapter 2 (i) Padma approaches Kalki 41
(ii) Padma sees Kalki 42
Chapter 3 (i) Lkings regain masculinity on seeing Kalki 46
(ii) The Kings eulogise Kalki 46
Chapter 4 (i) Arrival of sage Ananta 50
(ii) Sage Ananta narrates his story 51
Chapter 5 (i) Sage Ananta sights the swan 56
(ii) Description to LORD'S Maya 57
Chapter 6 (i) Indra orders Visvakarma to build a city in Sambhala 64
(ii) Return to Kalki with his Padma to Sambhala 64
(iii) Kalki begets a son 67
(iv) Description of Kalki city 68
Chapter 7 (i) War with buddhists 69
(ii) Annihilation of Jina, the king of buddhists 72
(iii) Victory over the buddhists 74
Part III
Chapter 1 (i) Victory over the barbarians 75
(ii) Battle of Kalki with barbarian women folk 76
Chapter 2 (i) Arrival of Balakhilyas 81
(ii) Description opf Kuthodari, the daughter of demon Nikumbha 81
(iii) The departure of Kalki for destruction of Kuthodari 82
(iv) The killing of Kuthodari 84
Chapter 3 (i) Arrival of sages Narada etc. 86
(ii) Description of Solar dynasty by king Maru 87
(iii) Sri Ramacritam 88
(iv) Sri is abondoned 93
(v) Sita's acceptance by mother Earth 93
(vi) Rama's departure for heavens 93
Chapter 4 (i) Dynasty of Rama and birth of king Maru 94
(ii) Birth of king Devapi in the Lunar dynasty 95
(iii) Kings Devapi and Maru receive divine chariots 97
Chapter 5 (i) Onset of Krtayuga 98
(ii) Description of Mavnataras 99
(iii) Kalki prepares for war 100
Chapter 6 (i) Kalki proceeds to conquer the world 101
(ii) Meeting proceeds to conquer the world 101
(iii) Submissin of Dgarma before Kalki 102
(iv) Battle of Kalki with Kalki 104
(v) Battle of MARU, Devapi etc. with Khasa, Kamboja, Varvara, Cina etc. 105
Chapter 7 (i) The defeat of the followers of Kalki 106
(ii) Kalki fights and Vikoka 107
(iii) Death of Kaka and Vikoka 109
Chapter 8 (i) KALKI LEAVES FOR Bhallata City 110
(ii) King Sasidhavja prepares for war 111
(iii) Fight of King Sasidhvaja with Kalki and his army 112
Chapter 9 (i) King Sasidhvaja carries unconscious Kalki to his home 117
Chapter 10 (i) The song of Susanta 118
(ii) Kalki marries the daughter of king Sasidhvaja 121
Chapter 11 (i) The King ask Sasidhvaja the cause of hissupreme devotion 123
(ii) King Sasdhvaja relates his past lives 123
(iii) The characteristics of devotion 125
Chapter 12 (i) Reason why Hari devotee king Sasidhvaja had to fight Kalki 129
Chapter 13 (i) The narration og Dvivida, the monkey 134
(ii) The description of Karsna incarnation 135
Chapter 14 (i)) Kalki enters Kancani city 138
(ii) Conversation with poison damsel (Visakanya) 138
(iii) Kalki anoints his followers as kings of different places 140
(iv) Kalki returns to SAMBHALA 140
(V) Satyayuga sets in 141
Chapter 15 (i) Eulogy of Maya 142
Chapter 16 (i) Visnuyasa starts Rajasuya sacrifice 144
(ii) Arrival of divine sage Narada 145
(iii) Conversation between Maya and Jiva 147
(iv) Visnuyasaleaves for forests 148
(v) Arrival of Parasurama, Krpa etc. for a glimpse of Kalki 149
Chapter 17 (i) Description of Rukminivrata 150
Chapter 18 (i) Kalki frolics with wives 155
Chapter 19 (i) The gods arrive in Sambhala 158
(ii) Kalki's departure for heavenly abode 159
Chapter 20 (i) Ganga Stotram 162
Chapter21 (i) Charonology of Kalkipurana 165
(ii) Fruits of hearing Klkipurana 168
(iii) Kalkipurana finishes 169
Index of verses 170

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Sri Kalki Puranam

Sri Kalki Puranam

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