Some Exemplary Characters of the Mahabharata


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Publisher's Note:

We are happy to present this booklet in the hands of our readers. It contains ten articles in all. The first article Sri Krishna is a composition of Nitya Lilalina Sri Hanuman Prasad Poddar and the rest of nine articles are composed by Brahmalina Sri Jaydayal Goyandka. In these articles some highly educative incidents and the character sketches of important personages of Mahabharata are presented.

We hope that readers will receive the book cordially as usual and get spiritually benefited.






1. Sri Krsna-The Embodiment of Knowledge 1
2. Bhisma-The Great Soul 21
3. Yudhisthira-The Pious One 32
4. Arjuna-The Bravest of the Brave 50
5. Kunti Devi-An Ideal Lady 77
6. Devi Draupadi 87
7. Gandhari-Paragon of Chastity 102
8. Viduraji-A Great Soul 111
9. Sanjaya-The Honourable Minister 124
10. Vedavyasa-The Divine Being 133

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