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Shiva Purana is one of the most sacred scriptures of ancient literature written by Saint Veda Vyasa. The book glorifies the essence of pure love and devotion to Almighty Lord Shiva, in order to attain salvation or redemption from sins. The book is a harmonious endeavour made by the entire team.

It is hoped that this book will add to the people's knowledge and do them the greatest service all over the world.


This book is an unfathomable ocean of wisdom. The Shiva Purana leads all its devoted readers towards the path of self realization of the supreme deliverance from the wordly bondage. Its glory is infinite. The devoted readers of the Shiva Purana attain perfect bliss, purity of mind and ultimate union or symbiosis' with God.

The book glorifies the significance of Jyotirlinga and traces the outstanding events and marvelous miracles performed by the incarnation of lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati.

We are presenting the Shiva Purana in a very simple and elegant style for the knowledge of the readers. The beauty of the book has been enhanced by lively picture stories to clarify the theme of Shiva Purana effectively and also leave an everlasting impression on the minds of our readers.


What is a Purana?

The most ancient piece of Divine literature produced by the creator Brahma himself for the first time came to be known as the Purana. It contained a hundred crore of verse (Shlokas). This vast and comprehensive single Purana exists in the abode of gods (Deva Loka) even to-day.

The great Sage Krishna Dvaipayana Veda Vyasa out of compassion for the suffering humanity on this earth reduced this huge Purana of 100 crore shlokas to only four lakh Shlokas. This Purana was further divided into eighteen volumes known as the eighteen Puranas. Their names are as under:

1. The Brahman Purana
2. The Padma Purana
3. The Vishnu Purana
4. The Shiva Purana
5. The Bhagavata Purana
6. The Bhavishya Purana
7. The Narada Purana
8. The Markandeya Purana
9. The Agni Purana
10. The Brahmanaiarta Purana
11. The Linga Purana
12. The Varaha Purana
13. The Skanda Purana
14. The Vamana Purana
15. The Kurma Purana
16. The Matsya Purana
17. The Garuda Purana
18. The Brahmanda Purana

It proves the dictum, "One in the many and many in the one." The Kathopanishada declares, "Truth is one but the sages call it by different names."

It is called 'Purana' as it is so old and ancient and continues to live even to-day. It has been breathing since times immemorial and exhaling the Eternal Truth. This eternal flow of knowledge is ever new and invigorating as the sacred waters of the Ganga.

The Puranas are, in fact, the explanations of the Vedas which are very difficult to comprehend as they have been written in a very terse style. It has been said, "Purnaat Puranam." It means that which complements the Vedas is Purana. So, the Puranas are a commentary on the Vedas. They are a set of explanatory notes on the difficult dictums and principles enshrined in the Vedas. He who is interested in understanding the Vedic lore should first seek refuge in the Purana as the Vedic philosophy has been expounded in them in a practical way for the benefit of devotees and readers.

Howsoever old and ancient the Puranas might be, they are ever new and relevant as they are the store-house of ancient wisdom and an encyclopaedia of various branches of knowledge. They enshrine ancient religion, philosophy, history, sociology, politics and many other subjects. They describe the original creation of the universe (Sarga), the periodical process of destruction and re-creation (Pratisarga), the various eras (Manvantaras), the histories of the Solar Dynasty (Surya Vansha) and the Lunar Dynasty (Chandra Vansha) and royal genealogies (Vamshaanucharita). They represent the different phases and aspects of the life of diverse ages. They are the lighthouse that illumines Vedic civilization and Sanatana Dharma. They also throw light on the view and way of life.

So far as the Shiva Purana is concerned, it eulogises the glory and greatness of Lord Shiva who is self-born and is the Eternal principle, the supreme God the cosmic soul and the support of the whole existence. It stands alone among all the Puranas. It describes the ritual and philosophical principles of Shiva cult. It embodies descriptions, sermons and dissertations on the greatness of Lord Shiva. It recounts his emblems, attributes, exploits and different Incarnations. It narrates legends on the origin and importance of Lord Shiva's phallic image and how its worship confers prosperity and salvation on devotees. Thus the Shiva Purana is a sacred treatise on Lord Shiva's legends and rituals.

Hot to attain Shiva-Tattva or God-Realization

Lord Shiva is the God of love. His grace is boundless. He is the Saviour and Guru. He is the beloved of Uma. He is the supreme light that shines in everybody's heart. Meditate upon his form. Hear his miraculous stories. Repeat his mantra 'Om Namah Shivaya'. Study the Shiva Purana with great devotion and concentration. Do his worship daily. Behold him in all names and forms. He shall bless you with his vision.

Human birth is the greatest gift that Lord Shiva has bestowed on you so that you may merge with him just as a drop of water merges with the ocean to become the ocean itself. When the individual soul (Jiva) merges with the cosmic Soul (Lord Shiva), it becomes Lord Shiva itself. It is called self-realization or God-realization or attainment of Shiva-Tattva. If you are eager to have the vision of Lord Shiva within your own bosom, sing aloud the following Sanskrit verses in adoration of Lord Shiva for five minutes daily. Sing them with understanding and love. You shall be nearer to Lord Shiva day by day. A sense of immortality and eternal bliss shall dawn upon you.

Table of Contents

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The Significance of the sacred Shiva Purana 9
1 The Sinful Brahmin
2 Story of Chanchula
3 Vidunga' Salvation
The Vidyeshvara compendium 14
The Rudra Compendium (Creation episode) 15
1 Narada's delusion
2 Glory of Lord Shiva
3 Glory of the Shiva-Linga
4 Mode of worshipping Lord Shiva
5 The act of creation
6 The story of Kubera
7 The genesis of creation
The Rudra compendium (sati episode) 33
1 Story of Sandhya
2 Sandhya gets the Name Arundhati and Marries Vasishtha.
3 Penance by Daksha and His acquiring boon from Goddess Uma
4 Narada is cursed.
5 The birth of Sati and Her Childish sports
6 Lord Shiva Marries Sati.
7 Daksha curse lord Shiva
8 Sage Dadhichi curses Vishnu.