Rigveda Trikala Sandhyavandanam (Andhra, Maharashtra, Karnataka Sampradaya and Dravida Sampradaya)


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About The Book

This book contains the procedure to perform Sanhyayavandana according to Ashvalayana Sutra for the Practitioners of Rigveda. It has along with Sandhyavandna (Morning, Noon and Evening ), Procedure for Samidadhana. Brahmayajnya, Upaveetadharana and Anupasana. The Mantras are in Sanskrit and English scripts and instructions in English along with illustrations for every step.

The most unique features is inclusion of the Sandhyavandana procedure for Andhra-Maharastra-Karnataka sampradaya and separate procedure for people who follow a slightly variant sampradaya in Tamilnadu.


1 Sandhyavandana Essentials 4
2 Gayatri Mantra - The incomparable divine force 6
3 Bhasmadharana vidhi 9
4 Andhra- Maharashtra- Karnataka Sampradayaha 11
5 Dracide Sampradayaha 47
6 Samidadhanam 86
7 Brahma Vajnyam 65
8 Bhojana Vidhi 109
9 Yajnyopaveeta Dharana Vidhihi 111
10 Anupasanam 113