Ramayana: Uttarkand Lava-Kushakand (Part-5)


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About the Book:

Sage Valmiki created the greatest epic 'Ramayana'. Being in Sanskrit language it was beyond the comprehension of the commoners. Sint Tulsidas redrafted the epic in layman's language as the story of Rama for the benefit of the common folk. Rama has been presented as an incarnation in this version titled 'Rama Charita Manas'. Rama is God. He acts as a normal man with flashes of divinity. His character is a mine of divine spectacles from which emanate the massages of sacrifice, righteousness and love.

It is the character of Rama that inspired the poets world over to weave verses in his praise in various languages and translations followed.

We firmly believe that this creation based on Rama Charita Manas will be helpful in uplifting you morally and spiritually.


Message from Hanuman to Bharata 163
A word of praise for Ayodhya 164
Coronation of Lord Rama 165
Hanuman-the attendant of Lord Rama 166
Decision to repudiate Sita Ji 167
Lord Rama repudiates Sita Ji 168
Sita alone in the dense forest 169
Sita Ji in the hermitage of sage Valmiki 170
Mothers leave for their heavenly abode 171
Birth of Lava and Kusha 172
The Ashwamedha Yajna of King Rama 173
The horse of Ashwamedha Yajan 174
Lava and Kusha catch the horse 175
Combat between Lava-Kusha and Shatrughna 176
Shatrughna defeated 177
Lakshamana and Lava-Kusha face to face 178
Combat between Lava-Kusha and Lakshamana 179
Lord Rama's orders to Bharata 180
Bharata falls in a faint 181
Lord Rama on the battlefield 182
Lord Rama's disinclination to fight 183
War strategy of Lava and Kusha 184
Sita Ji's consternation 185
Arrival of sage Valmiki 186
Father and sons reunite 187
Lord Rama sends Lakshamana to Sita Ji 188
Sita Ji's mental agony 189
Sita Ji returns to the nether regions 190
Lakshamana returns with Lava and Kusha 191
Dharmaraja's arrival in Ayodhya 192
Sage Durvasa in a fury 193
Lakshamana leaves his body 194
Indication of departure 195
Coronation of Lava and Kusha 196
Ayodhyaites supplicate 197
Blessings to Hanuman 198
Bharata and Shatrughna to to their abodes 199
Lord Rama's 'Great Departure' 200