Ramayana (The Story of Rama)


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Publisher’s Note


The Ramayana of Valmiki is one of the greatest epics ever written. It narrates the story of Rama and how he killed the ten-headed Ravana, Sri Rama, the hero of the epic, is the ideal prince, brave and accomplished, devoted to his duty and unflattering in his truth.


The Ramayana describes the wanderings and adventures of Rama who goes into forest exile for fourteen years at his father’s order, accompanied by his devoted wife, Sita and loyal brother Lakshmana.


Sri Rama’s valorous deeds, Hanuman’s exploits in Lanka, bridging of the ocean and fighting from the clouds all make the Ramayana a story of high adventure in unexplored areas, while Rama’s obedience to his father Dasaratha, the faithfulness and womanly love of Sita, the loving devotion of Rama’s brothers and the veneration of saints make the epic a remarkable work with great sanctity attached to it. The Ramayana is an ideal book which emphasises the rule of dharma in every facet of our life.


We are happy to present the Ramayana retold and illustrated by the renowned artist Bapu, specially for children.

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