Ramayana: The Adventures of Ram


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As you read the story of the Ramayana again, discover fascinating facts about its characters and events.

The Ramayana is one of the greatest adventure stories in the world and you’ll discover many new things in this exciting version with wonderful illustrations that bring the story alive.

The Ramayana is the unforgettable tale of a brave warrior and his ragtag army of tribal fighters taking on the might of the powerful king of Lanka. It has a colourful cast of characters including such magical figures as Hanuman and Kumbhakarna. Also it is a story about courage and endurance, duty, love and hate, laughter and tears. Everything that makes a story unforgettable can be found in this epic tale.

With this book, discover the joys of the Ramayana again.


About The Book

Written like an exciting adventure, this book approaches the epic in a new way, giving fascinating information about the characters and events that children do not know, and also answering the questions often by them.


About The Author

This new and exciting version of the Ramayana has been written by Subhadra Sen Gupta and illustrated by Tapas Guha—a team that has produced over twenty books for children including fiction, books on history, and cosmics. As Subhadra tells the tale, Tapas illustrates them with vivid, eye-catching drawings.


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