Ramayana: Balkand (Part-1)


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About the Book:

Sage Valmiki created the greatest epic 'Ramayana'. Being in Sanskrit language it was beyond the comprehension of the commoners. Sint Tulsidas redrafted the epic in layman's language as the story of Rama for the benefit of the common folk. Rama has been presented as an incarnation in this version titled 'Rama Charita Manas'. Rama is God. He acts as a normal man with flashes of divinity. His character is a mine of divine spectacles from which emanate the massages of sacrifice, righteousness and love.

It is the character of Rama that inspired the poets world over to weave verses in his praise in various languages and translations followed.

We firmly believe that this creation based on Rama Charita Manas will be helpful in uplifting you morally and spiritually.


Mangalacharana 3
Parvati's Question 4
Lord Shiva Narrates the Story of Lord Rama 5
King Dasharatha, Raghuvansha and Vasishtha 6
Yajna and the heavenly Kheer 7
Kheer distributed among the queens 8
King Dasharatha Blessed with Sons 9
King Dasharatha Delighted 10
Naming ceremony of the sons of Dasharatha 11
Parents enamoured of the pranks of children 12
Delight of Ayodhyaites 13
Education imparted to sons of Dasharatha 14
Arms training to sons of Dasharatha 15
Return to Ayodhya 16
Entry into the Palace 17
Vishwamitra at the court of king Dasharatha 18
Vishwamitra discloses his purpose of visit 19
Vasishtha intercedes with Dasharatha 20
Rama and Lakshamana depart with Vishwamitra 21
Tadaka Slain 22
Protection of Yajna from Mareech and Subhu 23
Redemption of Ahalya by Lord Rama 24
Lord Rama and Lakshamana in Janakapuri 25
Lord Rama and Lakshamana introduced to King Janaka by sage Vishwamitra 26
Lord Rama's devotion toward sage Vishwamitra 27
Lord Rama and Sita meet in the royal garden 28
Sita Ji's prayers to Mother Parvati in the Temple of Lord Shiva 29
Lord Rama and Lakshamana in Sita Swayamvara 30
Lakshamana's paroxysm of Anger 32
Sage Vishwamitra permits Lord Rama to break the bow 33
Lord Rama breaks the bow 34
Lord Rama Garlanded by Sita Ji 35
Parashurama comes to the place of Swayamvara 36
Dialogue between Parashurama and Lakshamana 37
Parashurama's ego shattered by Lord Rama 38
Marriage ceremony 39
Departure of King Dasharatha to Ayodhya 40