Ramayana: Ayodhya kand (Part-2)


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About the Book:

Sage Valmiki created the greatest epic 'Ramayana'. Being in Sanskrit language it was beyond the comprehension of the commoners. Sint Tulsidas redrafted the epic in layman's language as the story of Rama for the benefit of the common folk. Rama has been presented as an incarnation in this version titled 'Rama Charita Manas'. Rama is God. He acts as a normal man with flashes of divinity. His character is a mine of divine spectacles from which emanate the massages of sacrifice, righteousness and love.

It is the character of Rama that inspired the poets world over to weave verses in his praise in various languages and translations followed.

We firmly believe that this creation based on Rama Charita Manas will be helpful in uplifting you morally and spiritually.


Dasharatha Contemplates Making Lord Rama the Crown-Prince 43
King Dasharatha consults Sage Vasishtha 44
Uneasiness among gods 45
Manthara Turns Hostile 46
Manthara Successful in Her Venture 47
Kaikeyi in Kopa-Bhavana 48
Kaikeyi Asks to fulfill the promises 49
Dasharatha Tries to conciliate Kaikeyi 50
Sumantra's massage to Lord Rama 51
Lord Rama in the Palace of Kaikeyi 52
Lord Rama avows obedience 53
Woeful Ayodhya Town 54
Lord Rama in the Chamber of Kaushalya 55
Sita ji's Resolve to Accompany Lord Rama 56
Lakshamana to Seeks Permission to Leave 57
Lord Rama Bids Farewell to His Father 58
Lord Rama's Departuere 59
Lord Rama leaves Quietly in the Night 60
Arrival into Shringaverpur 61
Dialogue between Lord Rama and the Boatman 63
Lord Rama reaches across the Ganges 64
Bidding Farewell 65
Lord Rama meets sage Bharadwaj 66
The trio reaches Chitrakoot 67
Sumantra Returns to Ayodhya 68
Dasharatha's Consternation 69
King Dasharatha Narrates the Story 70
Cursed by the blind Parents 71
King Dasharatha Passes away 72
Dharatas' Arrival 73
Bharata's Anger on Kaikeyi 74
King Dasharatha's Cremation 75
Bharata refuses to become a King 76
Lakshamana reused to Anger 77
Bharata Meets Lord Rama 78
Libation by Lord Rama 79
Bharata takes the Sandals of Lord Rama 80