Ramayana: Aranya kand Kishkindha Kand (Part-3)


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About the Book:

Sage Valmiki created the greatest epic 'Ramayana'. Being in Sanskrit language it was beyond the comprehension of the commoners. Sint Tulsidas redrafted the epic in layman's language as the story of Rama for the benefit of the common folk. Rama has been presented as an incarnation in this version titled 'Rama Charita Manas'. Rama is God. He acts as a normal man with flashes of divinity. His character is a mine of divine spectacles from which emanate the massages of sacrifice, righteousness and love.

It is the character of Rama that inspired the poets world over to weave verses in his praise in various languages and translations followed.

We firmly believe that this creation based on Rama Charita Manas will be helpful in uplifting you morally and spiritually.


Jayanta Tests the might of Lord Rama 83
Jayanta begs for his life 84
Lord Rama, Lakshamana and Sitaji Abandon Chitrakoota 85
Atri Muni Welcomes Lord Rama 86
Moral Teachings by Mahasati Ansooya to Sita Ji 87
Viradha Slain 88
Lord Rama Takes a Vow 89
Lord Rama in the hermitage of Maharshi Agastya 90
Lord Rama, Lakshamana and Sita Ji in Panchavati 91
Shoorpanakha's Entry into Panchavati 93
Lakshamana mutliates Shoorpanakha 94
Khara, Dooshana and Trishira Slain 95
Shoorpanakha approaches Ravana 96
Ravana Worried 97
Ravana Approaches Mareech 98
Sita Ji's Mirror-Image 99
Mareech in the form of Golden Deer 100
Mareech Slain 101
Sita Ji sends Lakshamana to rescue Lord Rama 102
Ravana approaches Sita Ji in guise of a Sanyasin 103
Ravana abducts Sita Ji 104
Encounter with Jatayu 105
Jatayu Slain 106
Lord Rama meets wounded Jatayu 107
Demon Kabandha slain 108
Lord Rama's Benevolence on Shabari 109
Lord Rama meets Hanuman 110
Hanuman Resumes his original form 111
Lord Rama meets Sugreeva 112
What caused the rancour 113
Sugreeva insulted by Bali 114
Bali Slain 115
Lord Rama teaches Bali Righteousness 16
Sugreeva's Coronation and Lord Rama's Anger 117
Sugreeva Repents 118
Sampati Guides 119
Jambavan Reminds Hanuman of his might 120