Pearls and Gems of the Puranas


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Smt. Rathna Gopalaswamy, (68 years) the author choose her maiden name “Rathna Rao’, for her first book “The Story of Glory”. And to this second book “Pearls and Gems of the Puranas”. Born in Bangalore, she graduated from Maharani College Bangalore. She lived in New Delhi and after the passing away of her husband in 1976; she has been dividing her time between India and USA where her children reside.

She has been a popular author of stories in Kannada which have appeared in Sudha, Mayura and Kasturi. She has also translated books from Hindi into Kannada. She has authored this book mainly for the sake of children. She plans similar books based on Indian mythology to inculcate devotion in young minds.

The essence of the Vedas and Upanishads are contained in the Ithihasas and the immortal Bhagavad Gita is contained in the Mahabharata. They have moulded the Indian character and have inspired persons of Stature such as Gandhi, Tagore and Rajaji.

To make this book more interesting to the children the author has written the stories in play form. We are sure these plays will imbibe in them a feeling of devotion helpful in developing healthy minds.


Among the sacred scriptures of India, the epics of Ramayana, Mahabharatha and Bhagavatha are immortal and they have endless charm. While Ramayana reveals the delightful personality of God incarnate Rama and his purpose on this earth to preserve the good and destroy the evil, Mahabharatha brings before us the whole picture of human nature - both noble and wicked. And then comes in Mahabharatha the glory of Bhagavad Gita.

The splendour of Bhagavatha is the loving relationship between God and devotees. Child Dhruva did not know any other form of Bhakti (devotion) than pure and simple love for Lord Vishnu. This appealed to the Lord Most. Knowing child Prahlada’s deep faith in Him Lord Vishnu became ever vigilent and protected the child from dangers.

Generation after generation of Indians have experienced peace of mind and enjoyment from the story contents of these epics. As children we used to be told stories of mythology. It is amazing that time moved slow enough that it allowed us this luxury amidst our schooling and other activities.

However modem living has changed life styles to such an extent that children are hardly able to cope with school work and fulfill other school related activities. So much so they have been very little exposed to the moral and character building essence of Indian mythology brought out in story form.

With this in mind I have attempted to write these stories of child devotees – Dhruva and Prahlada and also that of Lord Krishna’s affection and kindness for simple hearted Sudhama.

To make it more interesting to the children I have written these stories in play from. Hope these plays will imbibe in them a feeling of devotion helpful in developing healthy minds.


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1. Dhruva 1
2. Prahlada 13
3. Krishna 34

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