Outline of Science in The Vedic Period


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Institute of Scientific Research on Vedas (I-SERVE) is a research institute dedicated to dig out the technical details of science hidden in the Vedic literature but what is meant by the team Vedic literature. Any researcher who wants to dive deep into ancient science is bound to study all the ancient literature which is of Vedic origin either directly or indirectly. There is no other go if he insists that his work should be purposeful. In view of this practical approach one has to understand the term Vedic Periods as the entire Vedic and post Vedic ancient period. The expression ancient in this context it taken as the pre 5th century A.D. period since by and large that is the period where no European influence on Indian writings can be allegated.

It is on this pedastain the term Vedic Science is formulated Science is always a science and there can not be a Vedic or non Vedic Science. We should understand that this term refers only to a specific period during which the science under consideration was originated and developed.

Even though I-SERVE (Institute of Scientific Research on Vedas) is more interested in focusing on R&D projects related to specific branches of Vedic Science it is a fundamental necessity that a researcher should have an overall idea of these sciences on the collective foundation of which this present project is based. With this is mind I-SERVE initiated to collected papers on various aspects of ancient Indian sciences in general. Some of such inspiring papers are now being published in the form of this volume viz outlines of the Science in the Vedic Period.

We thank all the proficient writers who selflessly contributed these papers for the benefit of enthusiastic researches in this field. We hope that this collection will inspire many more researchers in shaping themselves as enthusiastic researches on Vedic Sciences.

We record our special thanks to M/s EMESCO books for collaborating with I-SERVE in publishing this book.


1 Concepts of Solar Energy in Amsubohini of Bharadwaja (Prof. Kuppa Venkata Krishna Murty) 5
2 Is there Science in the Vedas? (Dr. Subhash Kak) 25
3 Is there Mathematics in the Vedas 59
4 High Technology in Ancient Sanskrit Manuscripts (Dr. C.S.R. Prabhu) 67
5 Indian Philosophy & Gravitational Theory Vedic Reflection on Graviation (Prof. Kuppa Venkata Krishna Murty) 79
6 Mendeleev and the Periodic Table of Elements (Dr. Subhash Kak) 89
7 Mundane Astrology and Adbhutasagara (Prof. Kuppa Venkata Krishna Murty) 101
8 Traditional Music Healing Analytical Perspective (Phanishree) 107
9 Vedic Astronomy (Saduguru Sri Sri K. Sivananda Murthy) 118

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