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One Hundred Eight Vedic Upanisads (Krsna Yajurveda) With Detailed English Commentary (Set of 6 Volumes)

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About the Book

The eternal Upanishads represent the profound essence, the succulent juice and the perennial spiritual philosophy of the Vedas, expounded and elucidated to make them practical and accessible for spiritual aspirants. They are magnificent, stupendous, forceful and powerful instruments in the hands of true seekers that provide spiritual foresight and vision of the ultimate truth and reality.

The Upanishads are integral part of the vedas; each Veda has a number of Upanishads in it. The present series classifies these Upanishads in true vedic tradition. i.e. they are listed and separated into different volumes strictly according to the Vedic sequence and the Vedas they appear in.

Each verse of each Upanishad has been extensively explained using simple language supplemented by elaborate notes so that these profound metaphysical treaties can be made accessible to even a lay man. Towards this end, extensive appendices have been added to elucidate the different concepts in simple words. Concepts such as OM, Naad, Naadis, Chakras, Yoga, Atma, Viraat, Moksha etc. are all elaborately explained in these separate appendices, a mantra index in roman is also included.

The present volume contains 32 principal Upanishad of the Krsna Yajurveda. The sequence of their listing in this volume strictly follows the sanction of the Upanishads themselves, as is clear in Muktikopanishad, Canto 1 vers no.55.

About the Author

Ajai Kumar Chhawcharia born on 8th August 1955 in Burdwan district of West Bengal, is a humble and unpretentious bachelor residing in the holy pilgrim city of Ayodhya who has dedicated his entire life in the service of his Lord Ram.


Part I
Preface vii
A Note on Pronunciations xxxiii
Key to Transliteration xxxv
Introductory (Krsna Yajur Veda, Chapter 32-full) xxxvii
1 Kathavalli Upanisad 1
2 Taittiriya Upanisad 149
3 Brahma Upanisad 315
4 Kaivalya Upanisad 349
5 Svetasvetara Upanisad 381
Part II
6 Garbha Upanisad 517
7 Narayana Upanisad 551
8 Amrta Bindu Upanisad 577
9 Amrta Nada Upanisad 609
10 Kalagni Rudra Upanisad 651
11 Ksurika Upanisad 665
12 Sarvasara Upanisad 687
13 Suka Rahasya Upanisad 727
14 Tejobindu Upanisad 785
Part III
15 Dhyana Bindu Upanisad 1065
16 Brahma Vidya Upanisad 1177
17 Yoga Tattva Upanisad 1273
18 Daksina Murti Upanisad 1355
19 Skanda Upanisad 1389
20 Sariraka Upanisad 1407
Part IV
21 Yoga Sikha Upanisad 1457
22 Ekaksara Upanisad 1727
23 Aksi Upanisad 1745
24 Avadhuta Upanisad 1785
25 Katha Rudra Upanisad 1823
26 Rudra Hrdaya Upanisad 1885
27 Yoga Kundali Upanisad 1941
Part V
28 Panca Brahma Upanisad 2037
29 Pranagni Hotra Upanisad 2093
30 Varaha Upanisad 2137
31 Kalisamtarana Upanisad 2369
32 Sarasvati Rahasya Upanisad 2385
Appendix 1: Santi Patha (Krsna Yajur Veda Upanisads) 2437
Appendix 2: Rudra Sukta 2438
Appendix 3: Visnu Sukta 2449
Appendix 4: Narayana Sukta 2454
Appendix 5: Krsi Sukta 2460
Appendix 6: Concept of Om and Nada 2463
Appendix 7: Cakras and Nadis in the body 2496
Part VI
Appendix 8: Yantra, Mantra, Tantra, Japa etc. 2511
Appendix 9: Various Upanisadic Concepts Explained 2549
Appendix 10: Samnyasa 2722
Appendix 11: Yoga 2732
Index of Mantras 2789

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Volume I

Volume II

Volume III

Volume IV

Volume V

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One Hundred Eight Vedic Upanisads (Krsna Yajurveda) With Detailed English Commentary (Set of 6 Volumes)

One Hundred Eight Vedic Upanisads (Krsna Yajurveda) With Detailed English Commentary (Set of 6 Volumes)

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