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The Matsya Purana earns its title from the fish incarnation of Visnu, the other nine being Kurma, Varaha, Narasimha, Vamana, Bhargava Parasurama, Rama, Krsna, Buddha and Kalki. The Matsya Purana is not all based totally on the life story of Matsya, but it deals with various other subjects, though in some of the chapters Matsya himself is the speaker.

Matsya Purana contains 291 chapters in total. First among all it describes the dialogues between Manu and the Lord, known as Manusamvada and deals with the following subjects in successive order, viz- the history of Brahmanda, the Sariraka Samkhya as explained by Brahma, the origin of the Devas and Asuras, as well as Maruts, the observance of Madanadvadasi vrata, the ways of the worship of the Lokapalas, the description of the Manvantaras, the history of king Vena, the birth of the Sun and Vaivasvata and the meeting with Budha.

Then it deals with the families of the manes, the times of performing Sraddha, Pitrtirtha Pravasa, the birth of the moon, the history of Yavati, the glory of Svamikartika, the history of the Vrsni and Yadava houses. Then it describes various ordinances, glory of various tirthas and rivers, the movement of Sun and Moon and their relative positions, the churning of the ocean, worship of the Devas, the characteristics of palaces, pandals and housebuilding, the forms of the temples and pandals, the history of Puru dynasty, the narration of the coming sovereigns, the description of the sixteen gifts such as Tuladana, etc., the names of the Kalpas etc.

The present edition of Matsya Purana is a complete book in 2 volumes that includes Sanskrit text, English translation with Notes, an exhaustive Introduction and complete Index of Verses. We hope that this book will be very useful not only for the general readers who have interest in ancient Indian literatures, but also for the scholars.




  Introduction xiii
CHAPTER 1 The cause of the lord Visnu assuming the form of fish and other related details 1
CHAPTER 2 Conversation between Matsya and Manu 4
CHAPTER 3 The primary creation 7
CHAPTER 4 The story of Sarasvati 11
CHAPTER 5 Birth of the daughters of Daksa and Kumara Karttikeya 16
CHAPTER 6 Description of the Kasyapa dynasty 19
CHAPTER 7 Birth of Maruts and description of Madana Dvadasi 22
CHAPTER 8 Presiding deities of each sarga and the crowning of Prthu as king 28
CHAPTER 9 Description of Manvantaras and seven Rsis 29
CHAPTER 10 The story of the king Prthu and the milking of the cow 32
CHAPTER 11 Genesis of the solar and lunar dynasties and the story of Ila 35
CHAPTER 12 The story of Ila and description of Iksvaku dynasty 40
CHAPTER 13 Description of Pitr-vamsa and the hundred and eight names of the Goddess 45
CHAPTER 14 Fall of Acchoda from the heaven and her redemption at her prayer to the manes 50
CHAPTER 15 Description of Pitr-vamsa and the method of performing Sraddha 52
CHAPTER 16 Different kinds of Sraddhas and the qualities of the Brahmanas to be invited in the Sraddhas 55
CHAPTER 17 Performing of Sraddha for achieving prosperity and emancipation 61
CHAPTER 18 Method of Ekoddisti and Sapindikarana Sraddha 67
CHAPTER 19 Distribution of havya and kavya by Pitrs in Sraddhas 69
CHAPTER 20 Story of the sage Kausika and the ants 71
CHAPTER 21 The story of Brahmadatta and the four sheldrake birds 74
CHAPTER 22 The time suitable for the performing of sraddha and some rules connected with the same 77
CHAPTER 23 The origin of Moon, his marriage, performing of Rajasuya yajna, his attraction for Tara, his fight with lord Siva, and ending of war at the instance of Brahma. 83
CHAPTER 24 Birth of Budha from the womb of Tara, the story of Urvasi and Pururava and that of Yayati 88
CHAPTER 25 Kaca and Devayani join Sukra for learning of Mrtasanjivani after bearing painful situations 93
CHAPTER 26 Devayani proposes marriage with Kaca who refused and their mutual showering of curses 100
CHAPTER 27 Quarrel between Devayani and Sarmistha, Sarmistha pushes Devayani into the well, Yayati saves Devayani, conversation between Devayani and Sukracarya 102
CHAPTER 28 History of Yayati and dialogue between Devayani and Sukra 105
CHAPTER 29 Denouncement of Vrsaparva by Sukracarya and Sarmistha becomes the slave girl of Devayani 106
CHAPTER 30 Forest sports of Devayani and Sarmistha with their handmaids, arrival of the king Yayati - his talk with Devayani and his marriage with her. 109
CHAPTER 31 Birth of a son to Yayati from Devayani, meeting of Sarmistha with Yayati in seclusion and the birth of a son to her as well 112
CHAPTER 32 Talk between Sarmistha and Devayani getting annoyed at the birth of a son to Sarmistha, Devayani goes to her father with a complaint. 115
CHAPTER 33 Yayati's efforts to exchange of old age with the youthful age of his sons who declined, but Puru accepted the old age of Yayati, earning the boons 118
CHAPTER 34 Enjoying of worldly pleasures by Yayati, and then his proceeding to the forest crowing Puru as the king 121
CHAPTER 35 Performing of the tapas by the king Yayati and his reaching the heaven 124
CHAPTER 36 At the instance of Indra, Yayati repeats the advice given by him to his son Puru 125
CHAPTER 37 Fall of Yayati from the heaven and the question asked to him by Astaka 127
CHAPTER 38 Conversation between Yayati and Astaka 129

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