Maha Naaraayanopanishad (Life as Sacrifice)


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About the Book

The Meaning and explanation where required, in English are given for the mantras of Mahaanaaraayanopanishad. This book also deals with the following question, in the appendices, based on the ideas in this Upanishad.

About the Author

The Author is a postgraduate in electrical engineering and retired as Managing Director of GECAIsthom in 1996. He is engaged in the study of Vedaas and Tamil devotional Literature.


The daily rituals of a Brahmin are compiled into a book with title 'Nityaanhikam'. If this is compard with Mahanaarayanopanishad it will be seen that Nityaanhikam closely follows the arrangement of subjects in this Upanishad. The central theme of this Upanishad is that all the rituals are external symbolic representation of what is happening to any person during his life. The life is seen as a sacrifice of Aatma in the internal fires of the body, action, and mind. In this way all mantras take on a new significance and lead one to Brahma jnaana.

In the appendices, three of the subjects mentioned in this Upanishad, namely maanasa Upaasana, Pitrus, and Karma are discussed. The issues are analyzed from a modern perspective, hoping that this will be of interest to young and busy persons.

At the back cover page, I have given a brief account of my background with a view that the reader is warned adequately not to expect traditional interpretation and also not to accept what I say if it does not appeal to his reason.

My wife Nirmala has been a great support to me in this effort. I thank the Publisher Mr. Kartikeyan for the excellent manner he has brought forth this publication.

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