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Maandookya: The Upanishad of Upanishads (A Modern Rendering and A Modern Interpretation) (An Old and Rare Book)

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Shri Rangappa and Shri Ahuja have expressly chosen the Maandukya Upanishad, in full praise for its merits for rendering and interpreting it for the modem mind. They have dwelt with each of the 12 mantras of the Upanishad, as if a theme by itself, in consistent development with the entire tent, bringing out the whole message and its spiritual teaching. This they have done with faithfulness, close study, clarity and consistency which they feel to be of logical merit. The whole treatment is marked out by something like a psycho-spiritual philosophy leaning on advaitha. Their work speaks of both labour and inspiration and it will be of interest to not only the modem mind but also to those having a grounding in Indian Spiritual tradition.




The Maandukya is counted amongst the principal Upanishads though in its size it is perhaps the smallest. comprising only twelve mantras. Its importance is unique in that it speaks to us invitingly about our own secret truth of being along with the integral truth of cosmic Reality and the supreme Truth of the Absolute Reality. and thus subtly leads our consciousness into identity with the Supreme Reality. significantly called "OM". Also spelt as A-U-M. Presumably for this importance the authors of its "Modem Rendering and Modem Interpretation". Shri K.S. Rangappa and Shri L.B. Ahuja, appreciate it as "The Upanishad of Upanishads".


The Upanishad announces at the very outset that 'OM' the Imperishable Word is the Supreme Reality. both in its ultimate essence and also its cosmic manifestation in cease-less Time. including all that was and is and will be in the world-creation. It purports to effectively arouse in us the awareness of the truth of our own spiritual Self to be the same identical OM in its fourfold poise of Consciousness.


This fourfold poise of the Self is typified in experiential terms. viz., the waking, 'jagarita', the dreaming, 'svapna', the deep slumber, 'susupti', and the superconscient fourth, 'turiya', Each one of the these poises is a poise of essential consciousness, 'prajna, Wisdom, characterised respectively as outward Wisdom, inward Wisdom, Wisdom per se, self-contained, selfexistent. Consciousness and the transcendent Wisdom of the Absolute, the supreme nondual Self Gnosis is beyond all predications.


It is the last, the fourth poise of the Absolute Consciousness which verily is the singly composite syllable 'OM', itself triply syllabled as 'A-U-M', in which and of each syllable is integrally one with the composite whole and everyone is a measure of the Supreme Reality.


The signification of the triple syllable 'A-U-M' is explicated by the Upanishad respectively in terms of successive measures of the Supreme as Creative Consciousness, Prajna. First wakefully poised is the Vaisvanara, the Universal Male, represented by the syllable 'A' which is the initial and the all pervasive sound. The second is the dream-poised Taijas, the Luminous, represented by the syllable 'U', signifying rising and advancing and centrally common to all sounds. The third is the sleep-poised Lord of Wisdom, Prajna, represented by the sonant 'M', singnifying measure and finality of sounds. Consistently, the measureless, non sonant, soundless is the transcendent Poise, the 'turiya', Incommunicable, That in which is the cessation of all phenomena, the other-less One, the Supreme Good, Sivo'dvaita'. Thus is 'OM' the Self Itself.



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Maandookya: The Upanishad of Upanishads (A Modern Rendering and A Modern Interpretation) (An Old and Rare Book)

Maandookya: The Upanishad of Upanishads (A Modern Rendering and A Modern Interpretation) (An Old and Rare Book)

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