I Am That: Talks on the Isha Upanishad


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What does the life come from, and where does it Go?
What is beyond the changing?
What are we striving for?

Osho goes into the depths of these eternal questions while speaking on the sutras of the Isha Upanishad — the most ancient words of wisdom available to mankind.

For over 35 years, Osho spoke to international audiences of seekers, addressing their essential questions and concerns. The international press calls him “A 21st Century Prophet’ and ‘an oracle of modern times” His books and audio lectures are international bestsellers.

Osho himself says that he is neither a prophet nor a philosopher; he is simply sharing his own experience. The Sunday Times of London described hi as “one of the 1000 makers of the 20th century” and American author Tom Robbins has called him “the most dangerous man since Jesus Christ” — both comments reflecting the profound influence of his revolutionary approach to the science of inner transformation.

Spoken with author its; clarity; sharpness and humor, his insights address - both the timeless and timely concerns that tend to escape our notice in the clamor and overload of daily life.


1. Beyond the Changing 1
2. Living in your own light 25
3. By Following nobody knows 47
4. Surrender is of he heart 70
5. Bound in deep togetherness 96
6. Absolute Lobe, ‘Absolute Freedom 121
7. Each Moment – Miracles! 143
8. Knowing Nothing About Everything 164
9. Both and More 185
10. The Eternal Religion 209
11. No Mind at All 234
12. A Mystery to be Lived 258
13. Prayer Simply Happens 279
14. Without Women – No Buddhas 306
15. Everybody Has His Uniqueness 331
16. It is Already the Best 349