Heroes from the Mahabharata


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The Mahabharata is a gallery of heroes. Of these, the most prominent five-Bheeshma, Drona, Arjuna, Karna and Abhimanyu -have been included in this Pancharatna volume.

Bheeshma is remembered to this day because he declined the Kuru throne to please his father, Shantanu. He served as regent and protected the throne on behalf of his step-brothers and his nephews. Drona, the valiant archer, was among the respected elders of the Mahabharata. It was he who taught the Kuru princes how to wield weapons.

Though Kama was the eldest among the Pandavas, fate denied him his dues.

During the Mahabharata war, Bheeshma commanded the Kaurava army for ten days, Drona for five days and Karna for two days.

Abhimanyu was barely sixteen years old when he fought in the Mahabharata war and yet left a trail of glory behind him second only to that of his father, Arjuna.