Harivamsa Purana (Set of 10 Volumes)


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About the Book:

Harivamsa and Mahabharata are complementary to each other. Harivamsa especially describes the pastimes of the Supreme Lord that took place after the battle at Kuruksetra, including His pastimes of disappearance. Harivamsa is considered to be a supplement of Mahabharata.

It is divided into three parts- Harivamsa-parva, Visnu-parva and Bhavisya-parva. Harivamsa-parva has fifty-five chapters, Visnu-parva has one hundred twenty-eight chapters and Bhavisya-parva has one hundred thirty-five chapters. Harivamsa consists of about sixteen thousand verses.

Harivamsa was first recited by the great sage, Vaisampayana, to King Janmejaya. In that assembly, Ugrasrava or Sauti was also present. Later on, by the request of the sages at Naimisaranya, headed by Saunaka, Sauti again recited it.

Excerpts from Review:

Many Gaudiya-vaisnava acaryas have quoted evidence from Harivamsa in their writings. There is no doubt that the readers of this book will find it both interesting and beneficial for their cultivation of Krsna consciousness.

yad vajapeyena tu rajasuyad
drstarh phalam hasti-rathena canyat
tal-labhyate vyasa-vacah pramanam
gitam ca valmiki-maharsina ca

The great sages, Valmiki and Vyasadeva, have said that the piety one gains by performing the Vajapeya and Rajasuya sacrifices, and by giving away chariots drawn by elephants, can be attained by giving Harivamsa in charity.


-Sri Harivamsa, Harivamsa Parva 6

For one who hears the topics of Harivamsa, which was spoken by Srila Vyasadeva, and which is incomparable, auspicious, pure, the destroyer of sinful reactions and most beneficial-what is the need to take a holy bath in the sacred water at Puskara?


-Sri Harivamsa, Harivamsa Parva 2

The great sage, Vyasadeva, has said that the piety one achieves by performing one hundred horse-sacrifices, which enables one to establish four thousand food distribution centers serving an inexhaustible quantity of food, and rewards one with the position of Indra, is achieved simply by giving this most sacred literature, Harivamsa, in charity.

Volume I
Chapter 1 Invocation-The Original Creation by the Lord 1
Chapter 2 The Dynasty of Svayambhuva Manu-A Description of the Appearance of Prajapati Daksa 17
Chapter 3 Further Expansion of the Creation by Daksa-Description of the Offspring of Daksa's Daughters 33
Chapter 4 The Story of King Prthu 68
Chapter 5 Characteristics of King Prthu-The Destruction of King Vena 77
Chapter 6 The Milking of Mother Earth in the Form of a Cow 92
Chapter 7 A Description of the Manus 107
Chapter 8 A Description of the Four Yugas-The Reign of the Various Manus-Calculation of Brahma's Duration of Life 128
Chapter 9 The Birth of Vaivasvata Manu 140
Chapter 10 A Description of the Dynasty of Vaivasvata Manu, and the Birth of Pururava 158
Chapter 11 The Slaying of the Demon Dhundhumara 168
Chapter 12 The Appearance of the Sage Galava 184
Chapter 13 A Description of Topics Regarding Trisanku and Harisacandra 191
Chapter 14 The Birth and Characteristics of King Sagara 201
Chapter 15 A Description of the Surya Dynasty 209
Chapter 16 The Glories of the Sraddha Ceremony-Santanu Personally accepts Oblations from Bhisma 219
Chapter 17 Conversation Between Bhisma and the Sage Markandeya Conversation Between Markandeya and Sanatkumara 232
Chapter 18 A Detailed Description of the Forefathers-Markandeya obtains Transcendental Vision 244
Chapter 19 The Conclusion of the Conversation Between Markandeya and Sanatkumara 266
Chapter 20 The Story of King Brahmadatta and the Bird, Pujaniya 273
Chapter 21 Markandeya Describes the Glories of Performing the Sraddha Ceremony 310
Chapter 22 Sucivak, Curses Three Other Swans Headed by Svatantra 322
Chapter 23 The Swans are Born in Kampilya as Brahmdatta and Others 325
Chapter 24 Conversation of the Ants, Overheard by Brahmadatta 335
Chapter 25 The Birth of the Moon-god 345
Volume II
Chapter 26 The Activities of King Pururava 1
Chapter 27 The Dynasty of Amavasu 14
Chapter 28 The Dynasty of Ayu 29
Chapter 29 The Pastimes of Dhanvantari and Divodasa 39
Chapter 30 Characteristics of King Yayati 61
Chapter 31 Glorification of the Kakseyu Dynasty 75
Chapter 32 The Puru Dynasty 91
Chapter 33 Description of the Yadu Dynasty 113
Chapter 34 Description of the Vrsni Dynasty 129
Chapter 35 The Birth of Lord Krsna 140
Chapter 36 The Dynasty of Krosta 146
Chapter 37 The Vabhru Dynasty 155
Chapter 38 The Story of the Syamantaka Jewel 163
Chapter 39 The Killing of Satadhanva 178
Chapter 40 Questions Regarding Krsna's Advent 189
Chapter 41 Various Incarnations of the Supreme Lord 208
Chapter 42 The Glories of Lord Visnu 254
Chapter 43 The Battle Between the Demigods and Demons 265
Chapter 44 Preparations for Battle by the Army of Demons 274
Chapter 45 Preparations for Battle by the Army of Demigods 288
Chapter 46 The Battle Between the Demigods and Demons 309
Chapter 47 Further Descriptions of the Battle 326
Chapter 48 The Battle Waged by Kalanemi 342
Chapter 49 The Demigods Attain Victory Over the Demons 365
Chapter 50 Lord Visnu's Arrival in Brahmaloka 374
Chapter 51 Lord Visnu Enjoys His Slumber of Yoga-nidra 388
Chapter 52 Brahma Describes the Condition of the Earth 398
Chapter 53 Mother Earth Prays to the Lord for Relief 414
Chapter 54 The Appearance of the Demigods 434
Chapter 55 Narada Muni Requests the Lord to Descend upon the Earth 457
Volume III
Chapter 1 Narada Informs Kamsa about his Imminent Danger 1
Chapter 2 Kamsa Attempts to Kill Devaki's Embryo 11
Chapter 3 The Glories of Narayani Devi 27
Chapter 4 Kamsa Kills the Sons of Devaki 37
Chapter 5 Vasudeva Advises Nanda to Reside at Vraja 55
Chapter 6 The Killing of Sakatasura and Putana 65
Chapter 7 The Uprooting of the Yamala-arjuna Trees 75
Chapter 8 Krsna's Childhood Pastimes 85
Chapter 9 The Vrajavasis Move from Gokula to Vrndavana 95
Chapter 10 A Description of the Rainy Season 105
Chapter 11 A Description of Krsna's beauty 117
Chapter 12 Krsna Chastises Kaliya 133
Chapter 13 Balarama kills Dhenukasura 147
Chapter 14 Krsna Inquires about the Sacrifice to Please Indra 171
Chapter 15 Krsna Proposes the Worship of Goverdhana Hill instead of an Indra sacrifice 177
Chapter 16 The Cowherd Men Accept Krsna's Proposal and Worship Goverdhana Hill 191
Chapter 17 Indra Sends Devastating rainfall to Vrndavana Krsna lifts Goverdhana Hill 203
Chapter 18 Indra Offers Prayers to Krsna and Performs the Abhiseka 221
Chapter 19 Conversation Between the Cowherd Men and Krsna 249
Chapter 20 The Killing of Aristasura 259
Chapter 21 Kamsa's sends Akrura to Vrndavana, to Bring Krsna and Balarama 267
Chapter 22 King Andhaka Protests Kamsa's Abuse of Vasudeva 295
Chapter 23 Krsna Kills the Kesi Demon 307
Chapter 24 Akrura's Arrival in Vrndavana 327
Chapter 25 Akrura Brings Krsna and Balarama to Mathura 337
Chapter 26 Krsna and Balarama Enter Mathura 355
Chapter 27 Kamsa Orders the two Wrestlers, Canura and Mustika,to kill Krsna 371
Chapter 28 Krsna Kills the Elephant, Kuvalayapida, at the Gate to the Wrestling Arena 403
Chapter 29 Krsna and Balarama Kill Canura and Mustika 415
Chapter 30 Kamsa's Wives and Mother Lament 441
Chapter 31 Krsna Laments the Death of Kamsa and Arranges for his Funeral Rites 459
Chapter 32 Krsna and Balarama Study at the asrama of Sandipani Muni 477
Chapter 33 Jarasandha Attacks Mathura wish his Vast Army 491
Chapter 34 Jarasandha Attacks Mathura and Fights with Krsna and Balarama 497
Chapter 35 Krsna and Balarama Fight with Jarasandha Before he Runs Away from the Battlefield 525
Volume IV
Chapter 36 King Haryasva banished and his son, Yadu, awarded benedictions by the serpent king, Dhumravarna. 1
Chapter 37 Vikadru's description of the Yadu dynasty and advice about handling the attack of Jarasandha. 25
Chapter 38 Krsna and Balarama flee Mathura, going south. They meet Parasurama at Karavirapura, and are advised by him. 47
Chapter 39 Krsna, Balarama, and Parasurama travel to Gomanta Hill. 73
Chapter 40 Varuni, Kanti, and Sridevi arrive to serve Lord Balarama atop Gomanta Hill  
Chapter 41 After surrounding Gomanta Hill,Jarasandha and his allies set it on fire. Krsna and Balarama jump from the peak of the mountain. 111
Chapter 42 The battle fought by Krsna and Balarama with Jarasandha and his allies. 139
Chapter 43 Krsna and Balarama defeat King Srgala in battle. Coronation of Prince Sakradeva. 171
Chapter 44 Krsna and Balarama enter Mathura 193
Chapter 45 Lord Balarama visits Vrndavana. The pastime of Lord Balarama attracting the Yamuna River. 201
Chapter 46 Lord Krsna travels to Kundinapura to attend the svayamvara of Princess Rukmini. 221
Chapter 47 Jarasandha's speech to the assembled kings at Kundinapura. 237
Chapter 48 Speeches made by Dantavakra, Salva, and Bhismaka. 253
Chapter 49 Kausika and Kratha decide to perform the coronation of Lord Krsna . The message of Devaduta and the appearance of the celestial assembly hall. 275
Chapter 50 Conversation between Lord Krsna and King Bhismaka. Departure of Lord Krsna for Mathura. 301
Chapter 51 Bhismaka's glorification of Lord Krsna and replies by Salva and Jarasandha. 325
Chapter 52 Salva relays Jarasandha's message to Kalayavana. 341
Chapter 53 Kalayavana's reply to Salva Lord Krsna returns to Mathura. 359
Chapter 54 The arrival of Garuda and his suggestion to establish Dvaraka. 363
Chapter 55 Kalayavana and Jarasandha attack Mathura. Lord Krsna and the Yadavas depart from Mathura and establish the city of Dvaraka. 397
Chapter 56 Kalayavana killed by King Mucukunda. 409
Chapter 57 By Lord Krsna's order, Visvakarma constructs Dvaraka. 433
Chapter 58 Rukmini's marriage to Sisupala arranged. Krsna kidnaps Rukmini, followed by fierce fighting 461
Chapter 59 After defeating Rukmi, Krsna returns to Dvaraka with Rukmini 487
Chapter 60 The marriage of Pradyumna and Subhangi, the daughter of Rukmi. The marriage of Aniruddha and Rukmavati. Lord Balarama kills Rukmi after gambling with dice. 503
Volume V
Chapter 62 The glories of Lord Balarama 1
Chapter 63 Description of Narakasura and his death at the hands of Lord Krsna. 9
Chapter 64 Lord Krsna delivers the sixteen thousand girls kidnapped by Naraksasura and then takes the parijata tree from the garden of Indra. 49
Chapter 65 At Raivataka Mountain, Satyabhama becomes enraged when Rukmini is glorified by Narada Muni 71
Chapter 66 Lord Krsna pacifies the angry Satyabhama. 91
Chapter 67 Lord Krsna assures Satyabhama that He Will bring her a parijata tree. 111
Chapter 68 Lord Krsna sends Narada Muni as a messenger to Indra, asking for the parijata tree 135
Chapter 69 Narada Muni advises Indra to give the parijata tree to Krsna. Indra's reply 149
Chapter 70 Narada Muni delivers Lord Krsna's second message to Indra, and the king of heaven responds by criticizing the Lord. 175
Chapter 71 Indra refuses to give the parijata tree to Lord Krsna, despite hearing His glories from Narada. 193
Chapter 72 Kasyapa Muni's prayers to Lord Siva. 213
Chapter 73 After taking the parijata tree, Lord Krsna, Pradyumna, Satyaki, and Garuda fight with Indra, Jayanta, Pravara and Airavata. 239
Chapter 74 Lord Krsna awards a benediction to Pariyatra Mountain and Mahadeva requests Him to kill the demons residing there. 273
Chapter 75 Krsna returns to Dvaraka with the parijata tree after pacifying King Indra. 293
Chapter 76 Satyabhama donates Lord Krsna to Narada Muni in the punyakavrata ceremony, and the Lord returns the parijata tree to Indra. 317
Chapter 77 The rules and regulations of the punyakavrata ceremony. 333
Chapter 78 Goddess Uma glorifies chaste women and describes the procedure for observing the punyaka-vrata. 339
Chapter 79 Further discussion of the punyaka-vrata. 351
Chapter 80 The rules and regulations pertaining to various vows to be observed by chaste women. 375
Chapter 81 Conclusion of the discussion of various vows to be performed by chaste women. 391
Chapter 82 The demons receive the benediction of the abode of Satpura from Lord Brahma. 405
Chapter 83 Vasudeva and Devaki arrive for the sacrifice of Brahmadatta. The kidnapping of Brahmadatta's daughters. The demons solicit the help of many powerful kings. 417
Chapter 84 Lord Krsna and the Yadava army fight with the demons. 435
Chapter 85 Lord Krsna kills the demon Nikumbha and then returns to Dvaraka. 457
Chapter 86 The topics of Andhakasura and his atrocities 483
Chapter 87 Mahadeva kills Andhakasura at Mount Mandara. 505
Chapter 88 Lord Krsna and the other Yadavas enjoy sporting in the water at Pindaraka. 519
Chapter 89 Description of the water pastimes enjoyed by Lord Krsna and Lord Balarama, and a discussion of the chalikya style of music. 547
Volume VI
Chapter 90 Lord Krsna's victory over the demon Nikumbha and Sahadeva's marriage to Bhanumati 1
Chapter 91 The demon Vajranabha receives benedictions from Lord Brahma. The dancer Bhadra receives benedictions at Dvaraka. Indra instructs the celestial swans to enter the city of Vajrapura 27
Chapter 92 The celestial swans arrive at Vajrapura, Where Sucimukhi befriends Prabhavati. Pradyumna and other Yadavas depart for Vajrapura. 45
Chapter 93 Arrival of the Yadavas as Vajrapura, and their dramatic performances 65
Chapter 94 The marriages of Pradyumna, Gada, and Samba 87
Chapter 95 Pradyumna glorifies the rainy season and the dynasty of Candra to Prabhavati. 103
Chapter 96 Birth of Pradyumna's, Gada's, and Samba's sons Battle between the Yadavas and the demons 119
Chapter 97 The arrival of Lord Krsna and Vajranabha slain by Pradyumna 143
Chapter 98 Description of Dvaraka 157
Chapter 99 Lord Krsna enters His palace at Dvaraka 181
Chapter 100 Lord Krsna greets His elders and then enters the assembly hall 191
Chapter 101 Narada Muni glorifies Lord Krsna in the assembly of Yadavas 199
Chapter 102 Further glorification of Lord Krsna by Narada Muni 223
Chapter 103 Description of some of Lord Krsna's principal children and their descendents 239
Chapter 104 Mayavati reveals the truth to Pradyumna. The battle between Pradyumna and Sambarasura commences 301
Chapter 105 Pradyumna vanquishes Sambarasura's ministers 269
Chapter 106 Sambarasura enters the battlefield and attacks Pradyumna 295
Chapter 107 On Narada Muni's advice, Pradyumna receives benedictions from Parvati. The death of Sambarasura 313
Chapter 108 Pradyumna's return to Dvaraka, along with Mayavati 323
Chapter 109 The ahnika prayer recited by Lord Balarama to Pradyumna 335
Chapter 110 Narada Muni tells the story of his search for the most wonderful and glorious person within the universe 361
Chapter 111 After arriving at Dvaraka, Arjuna vows to protect a brahmana newborn child 389
Chapter 112 The brahmana's son is kidnapped as Arjuna looks on helplessly. Arjuna's travels to the abodes of the demigods as he looks for the brahmana's abducted son 397
Chapter 113 Lord Krsna takes Arjuna and retrieves the brahmana's aboducted sons from beyond the coverings of the universe 407
Chapter 114 Lord Krsna reveals His glories to Arjuna 419
Chapter 115 Vaisampayana briefly describes more pastimes of Lord Krsna 429
Chapter 116 The history of Banasura 437
Chapter 117 Parvati reveals to Usa, the daughter of Banasura, the means whereby she will learn the identity of her future husband 465
Chapter 118 Usa identifies her husband from the pictures drawn by Citralekha 485
Chapter 119 Citralekha takes Aniruddha to Usa. The battle between Aniruddha and Banasura. Aniruddha captured 517
Chapter 120 After offering prayers to Goddess Durga,Aniruddha is freed from bondage. 577
Volume VII
  Sri Visnu Parva 49
Chapter 121 After the abduction of Aniruddha, the Yadavas headed by Krsna depart of Sonitapura 1
Chapter 122 Krsna, Balarama, Pradyumna, and Garuda arrive at Sonitapur and battle the domons. 49
Chapter 123 The defeat of Lord Siva's Trisira Jvara by Krsna Vaisnava Javra. 77
Chapter 124 Fight betwee Lord Siva and Lord Krsna 91
Chapter 125 Description of oneness of Krsna and Siva by Markandeya to Brahma. 109
Chapter 126 Fight between Krsna and Karttikeya. Battle between Krsna and Banasura. Banasura receives benedictions from Lord Siva 133
Chapter 127 Aniruddha freed from the bondage of Banasura's snake-ropes. The marriage of Usa and Aniruddha. Lord Krsna goes to the abode of varuna. Lord Krsna returns to Dvaraka 183
Chapter 128 Return of Usa and Aniruddha to Dvaraka 227
Chapter 1 The descendents of King Janamejaya 243
Chapter 2 Srila Vyasadeva advises king Janamejaya not to perform a horse sacrifice 251
Chapter 3 Description of Kali-yuga 267
Chapter 4 Further description of Kali-Yuga 283
Chapter 5 King Janamejaya's horse sacrifice obstructed by Indra 303
Chapter 6 The Gandharva King, Visvavasu, discloses the nature of Indra's deceit of King Janamejaya 317
Chapter 7 Introduction to Vaisampayana's narration of the teachings of Srila Vyasadeva 232
Chapter 8 Description of four yugas 333
Chapter 9 The Partial dissolution o