Harivamsa Purana in 3 Volumes (Text with English Notes and Index)


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About the Book

The great Saga Vyasa – the writer of the epic of Mahabharata and the Puranas was an eminent writer of his times, the parallel of whom is difficult to be found in the religious history of India. Inspite of his composing his epic of Mahabharata comprising of a lac of verses, it is believe that he still felt, dissatisfied and intended to create further literature. With this end in view he composed the Harivamsa which is believe to be an appendix to the great epic of Mahabharata.

The main object for the composing of Harivamsa has been apparently to sing the praise of Lord Visnu which is divided into three Parvas viz. Harivamsa Visnu Parva and Bhavisya Parva. The three Parvas deal with subjects of the creations of the world, the king of the solar and lunar dynasties, the Yadu race besides the birth of Lord Krsna and his childhood sports. In fact Visnu Parva deals with the childhood sports of Si Kesna. Though traces of some future events are found at the start of the Bhavisya Parva, the matters like the creation of the world, the incarnation, of Visnu Vamana and Narsimha are also mentioned besides Siva and Visnu constitute the main theme of the Parva.

The Adi Parva, chapter 2 of the Mahabharata testified about the authorship of Harivamsa which rests with the sage Vyasa, as follows


About the Author

A Graduate of Punjab University has served the Archaeological Survey of India, and the Ministry of Home Affairs for over four decades, in Curatorial and other capacities. He has to his credit the scientific documentation of over fifty thousand antiquities like, sculptures, bronzes, paintings, pottery and beads etc. ranging from the earliest times to the late medieval period. He was given an award by the Government of Himachal Pradesh in 1983, for his monograph on the antiquarian remains of that state. He was also awarded a Fellowship for his monograph on the Temples of Himachal Pradesh 1987-89 by the Indian Council of Histrocal Resarch, New Delhi. He was given Anuvada Shri Award for 2007 – 2008 by the Bharatiya Anuvada Parishad, New Delhi.

He has been assoiated with the Government of Sikkim as a Consultant for the setting up of the sculptures at Siddhesvara Dhama for over four years and has to his credit publication of nearly ninety books including ancient India art various regional Ramayanas and Puranas.



Volume 1



Chapter - 1 Benediction, conversation between Saunaka-Ugravasrava, Janamejaya's request to listen to the story of the people of Vrsni dynasty, besides the details about creation 1
Chapter - 2 The dynasties of Svyambhuva Manu, and birth of Daksa Prajapati 6
Chapter - 3 Expansion of creation, Naradas induces Daksa's sons towards detachment, progeny of the sixty daughters of Daksa and their Progeny 11
Chapter-4 The story of Prthu, distribution of the country and establishment of Dikpalas 23
Chapter- 5 The story of Prthu, cruelty of Vena and his destruction, birth of Prthu 26
Chapter- 6 The story of Prthu - continued. Yielding of milk of the earth goddess. 31
Chapter-7 Description of Manvantaras, Manu, Gods and Rsis 36
Chapter-8 Four yugas, Manvantaras, the day of Brahma and the description of Varsa 42
Chapter-9 Vaivasvata Manu Birth of Yama-Yami, Yamuna, Asvanikumaras and Saturn 46
Chapter- 10 Description of the Descendents of Vaivasvata Manu and birth of Pururava. 52
Chapter- 11 The story of Dhundhumari 55
Chapter-12 Description of Dhundhu Vansa and birth of Galava 60
Chapter-13 The story of Triiaitku, and birth of Hariscandra 62
Chapter-14 Birth of Sagara and digging of the ocean with the efforts of the sons of Sagara. 65
Chapter - 15 Description of Solar dynasty 68
Chapter - 16 Performing. of Sraddha of his father by Janamejaya etc. 71
Chapter - 17 Pitrkalpa, conversation between Bhisma and Markandeya besides Markandeya and Sanatkumara 75
Chapter - 18 Discussion between Markandeya and Sanatkurnara, on ganas, lokas, Sakti and unmarried girls, besided achieving of the divine sight by Markandeya 79
Chapter - 19 Pitrkalpa, story of the sons of Baradvaja - fate of the people fallen from yoga and conclusion of the discussion between Sanatkumara and Markandeya 86
Chapter - 20 Dynasties of Brahmadatta and Urgayudha - narrating Sukra and, the adorable sparrow. 88
Chapter - 21 Glory of Sriiddha as spoken by Markandeya - achieving of redemption by the sons of Kausika 100
Chapter - 22 Pitrkalpa - pronouncing of curse by the bird Sucipaka, on three birds and the bird Sumana, freed them of the curse. 104
Chapter - 23 Birth of the swans as the king Brahmadatta in the city of Karnpilya and the four swans achieved beautitude, with the permission of their father. 105
Chapter - 24 Birth of Vibhraja as son of Brahmadatta, displeasure of the queen Sannati, reciting of a verse by a Brahmana, which revived the memories of the earlier birth of the king. 109
Chapter - 25 Origin of the moon, the Rajasuya yajna, fight between gods and demons and birth of Budha. 112
Chapter - 26 The story of the king Pururava and his dynasty, creation of Tretagni and his visit to the country of the Gandharvas. 116
Chapter - 27 Description of the family of Amavasu - the second son of Pururava and birth of Visvamitra and Parasara 120
Chapter - 28 Story of the king Raji and his sons, re-establishmeht of Indra after his fall. 125
Chapter - 29 Description of the race of Anena, Incarnation' of Dhamantri as son of Kasiraja Dharma, tale of Divodasa 129
Chapter - 30 Description of the race of Nahusa and Yayati 136
Chapter - 31 Family traditions of Piiru 140
Chapter - 32 Tradition of Rchasu under Puru dynasty-besides Ajamidha vamsa, Pancala, Soma, Kaurava varnsa etc. 145
Chapter - 33 Description of Yaduvansa, birth of Kartavirya and story of all the five sons of Yayati 153
Chapter - 34 Description of Vrsni-dynasty, including Akrura, Vasudeva, Kunti, Satyaki, Carudesna, Ekalavya and others 159
Chapter - 35 Incarnation of Sri Krsna and the birth of his other brothers and sisters, besides of Kalayavana . 162
Chapter - 36 Description of Krosta dynasty, exchange of gotra of Ksatriyas with that of the priest 164
Chapter - 37 The glory of Babhruvamsa 167
Chapter - 38 The glory of Bhajamana race and the story of Syamantaka gem 170
Chapter - 39 Killing of Prasena, Satrajit and Satadhanva, due to Syamantaka gem, handing over of the gem by Akriira Krsna and his returning it to Akriira 175
Chapter - 40 Details of the Varaha, Nrsimha, Parasurama, Sri Krsna and other incarnations of Visnu 178
Chapter - 41 Description of the incarnation of Visnuu 185
Chapter - 42 Divinity of Lord Visnu and battle with Tarakasura 200
Chapter - 43 Description of the Daityas, getting ready for war 204
Chapter - 44 The wonderful war of Taraka-maya and preparation of the gods for waging the war 207
Chapter - 45 Battle between gods and demons, besides the origin of Aurava fire 212
Chapter - 46 Indra prays to the moon, killing of Daityas by moon and Varuna, appearing of Maya Danava and Kalanerni in the battle 219
Chapter - 47 Kalanerni's glory in the battle ground 225
Chapter - 48 End of Kalanemi 230
Chapter - 49 Lord Visnu honoured in Visnu Loka 237
Chapter - 50 The gods approach lord Visnu during his sleep 240
Chapter - 51 Brahrna apprises Visnu of the deplorable condition of the earth and persuades him to lesson the earth's burden 245
Chapter - 52 Meeting of the gods at Meru mountain and prayer of the earth for the removel of her burden 248
Chapter - 53 Partial incarnation of gods at the command of Brahrna 253
Chapter - 54 Narada's prayer to Visnu to incarnate on earth 260
Chapter - 55 Brahma's advice to Visnu for incarnating on earth 267


Volume II (Visnu Parva)

Chapter - 1 Narada's informing Karnsa about the gods' plan to kill him 273
Chapter - 2 Effort of Kamsa for the destruction of the preganancy of Devaki 276
Chapter - 3 Prayer to the Goddess Arya 281
Chapter - 4 Kamsa kills the sons of Devaki 284
Chapter - 5 Nanda's return to Braj at the advice of Vasudeva 290
Chapter - 6 Breaking of cart sakata and killing of Putana 293
Chapter - 7 Crawling of Krsna and Balararna over the knees and Yarnalarjuna episode 296
Chapter - 8 Creation of wolves by Krsna out of his body 300
Chapter - 9 Departure of people Braj to Vrndavana 303
Chapter - 10 Description of the rainy season 306
Chapter - 11 Description of Bhandira Vata, Yamuna and Kalidahana 310
Chapter - 12 Subjugation of Kalinaga - glory of Sri Krsna 316
Chapter - 13 Killing of Dhenukasura by Balarama 320
Chapter - 14 Killing of Pralambasura by Balarama 322
Chapter - 15 Imprtance of the festival for Indra 328
Chapter - 16 Krsna proposes for the adoration of Govardhana 329
Chapter - 17 Adoration of the mountain Govardhana 334
Chapter - 18 Indra's rage and lifting of Govardhana 337
Chapter - 19 Indra adores Krsna and honours him. 343
Chapter - 20 Super human conduct of Krsna and Rasalila 352
Chapter - 21 Killing of Aristasura 356
Chapter - 22 Summoning of the Gopas by Kamsa 358
Chapter - 23 Andhaka's reply to Kamsa 367
Chapter - 24 Killing of Kesl 371
Chapter - 25 Akrur's arrival in Braj and meeting with Nandagopa 377
Chapter - 26 Akrura's return from Braj with Sri Krsna and Balararna 381
Chapter - 27 Entry of Krsna in Mathura and the breaking. of the bows 387
Chapter - 28 Kamsa's command to Kuvalyapidha driver and the story of the birth of Dramulika 392
Chapter - 29 Killing of Kuvalyapidha, the Mahavata, arid arrival of Krsna and Balararna in wrestling chamber 403
Chapter - 30 Killing of Canura, Mastika and Karnsa and meeting of both the brothers to their parents 407
Chapter - 31 Lamenting of the wives and mother of Kamsa 415
Chapter - 32 Crowning of Ugrasena and cremation of Karnsa 420
Chapter - 33 Balarama and Sri Krsna receive educative from Sandipani- the preceptor 426
Chapter - 34 Camping of Jarasendha around Mathura with his army 430
Chapter - 35 Battle between the armies of Yadavas and Jarasandha 432
Chapter - 36 Defeat of Jarasandha and his flight 442
Chapter - 37 Jarasandha again attacks Mathura - genesis of the race of Yadavas 445
Chapter - 38 Progeny of Yadu and vulnerable condition of Mathura 451
Chapter - 39 Departure of Krsna and Balarama towards south-meeting with Parasurama at Gomantika mountain 457
Chapter - 40 Parasurarna encourages Krsna for waging the war 464
Chapter - 41 Krsna receives the divine crown from Garuda, arrival of the army of Jarasandha 469
Chapter - 42 Attack of the army of Jarasandha, the mountain put to flames while Krsna and Balararna escape by jumping from the moutain peak 474
Chapter - 43 Defeat of Jarasandha and arrival of Krsna and Balarama at karavirapura 482
Chapter - 44 Killing of Srgala at the hands of Sri Krsna crowning of the son of Srgala as king of karavirapura 490
Chapter - 45 Return of Krsna and Balarama to Mathura 495
Chapter - 46 Balarama's visit to Braj 497
Chapter - 47 Sri Krsna's visit to Kundanpur to joinac tshe Svayambara of Rukmini 502
Chapter - 48 Speeches of Jarasandha and Sunitha in the assembly of the rulers 506
Chapter - 49 Efforts of Bhismaka to appease Sri Krsna 511
Chapter - 50 Crowning of Sri Krsna as the king 517
Chapter - 51 Departure of Sri Krsna towards Mathura 525
Chapter - 52 Sending of the king Salava as messenger to Kalayavana by Jarasandha 531
Chapter - 53 Salva conveys the message of Jarasandha to Kalayavana 536
Chapter - 54 The monarchs invitation to Kalayavana to invade Mathura 541
Chapter - 55 Garuda's departure for viewing the site of Kusasthali, welcome of Sri Krsna and return of Garuda 542
Chapter - 56 Departure of Yadavas from Dvarka at the command of Sri Krsna 553
Chapter - 57 Killing of Kalayavana 556
Chapter - 58 Building of Dvarkapuri and marriage of Balarama and Revati 562
Chapter - 59 Kidnapping of Rukmini by Sri Krsna - war with Jarasandha 569
Chapter - 60 Defeat of Rukmi at the hands of Sri Krsna, the marriage of both Krsna and Rukmini 576
Chapter - 61 Marriage of Subhangi-the daughter of Rukrni, with Pradyumna and Aniruddha's marriage with RukmavatI - the grand daughter of Rukmi 580
Chapter - 62 Glory of Baladeva-his attempt to drown Hastinapura in Ganga 585
Chapter - 63 Killing of Narkasura 587
Chapter - 64 Despatch of sixteen thousand maids to Dvaraka and return of Kundalas to Aditi 598
Chapter - 65 Conflict between Rukmini and Satyatbhama 604
Chapter - 66 Sri Krsna's appeasing Satyabhama and his proceeding for the performing of tapas 609
Chapter - 67 Satyabhama reveals the cause of her anger, Narada narrates the story of the origin of Parijata 613
Chapter - 68 Krsna deputing Narada to Indra, demanding the Parijat tree 620
Chapter - 69 Narada conveys to Indra, Sri Krsna's request for Parijata tree and his refusal 623
Chapter - 70 Indra enraged at the threat of the attack with club by Sri Krsna and his refusal to part with Parijat tree without war 630
Chapter - 71 Narada highlights the glory of Sri Krsna but Indra still refuses to oblige to part with Pariiiita tree 634
Chapter - 72 Sri Krsna deputes Narada as messenger to Indra, again, Indra consults Brahaspati and the sage Kasyapa prays to Siva to avert war 639
Chapter - 73 War between Indra and Sri Krsna's forces 648
Chapter - 74 Stay of Sri Krsna at Pariyatra mountain and other related activities 656
Chapter - 75 Stopping of war between Indra and Upendra by Kasyapa and Aditi and Krsna's carrying the Parijata tree to Dvaraka 662
Chapter - 76 Performing of Punyaka-vrata by Satyabhama and return of Parijata to the heaven 667
Chapter - 77 Method of performing the Punyakvrata 670
Chapter - 78 Description of a chaste wife and the method of performing of Punyakavrata 673
Chapter - 79 Rules for performing the Punyaka and other related vratas 676
Chapter - 80 Description of several types of vratas 683
Chapter - 81 Goddess Uma's concluding the description of vratas and performing of vrata by the spouses of Sri Krsna 687
Chapter - 82 Grant of boons to the demons of Satpura by Siva and Brahma 691
Chapter - 83 Saving the daughter of Brahmadatta by Pradyumna and Sri Krsna's arrival at Satpura 694
Chapter - 84 Destruction of the demon army by Sri Krsna, Pradyumna's assurance to Brahmadatta 699
Chapter - 85 Defeat of Nikumbha by Jayanta, killing of Nikumbha, and Sri Krsna's return to Dvaraka 705
Chapter - 86 Birth of Andhakasura and meeting of the Rsis for his destruction 711
Chapter - 87 Killing of Andhakasura by Mahadeva at Mahdarachala 717
Chapter - 88 Water sport of Sri Krsna and Yadavas at Pindaraka tirtha 720
Chapter - 89 Water sports of Sri Krsna and Balarama, with songs dance and music 727
Chapter - 90 Abducation of Bhanumati by Nikumbha and death of thedemon king 738
Chapter - 91 The story of Vajranabha 745
Chapter - 92 Attraction of Prabhavati towards Pradyumna, and entry of yadava princes in Vajrapur 749
Chapter - 93 Performance of acrobats in Vajrapur and Pradyumna's entry into the palace of Prabhavati 755
Chapter - 94 Gandharva marriage of Pradyumna and Prabhavati, besides other Yadava princes with other demon princesses. 760
Chapter - 95 Description of the rainy season and his own race by Pradyumna to Prabhavati 765
Chapter - 96 Vajranabha proceeds on world conquest against the wishes of the sage Kasyapa-Display of prowess by Pradyumna. 770
Chapter - 97 Pradyumna kills Vajranabha 776
Chapter - 98 Reconstuction of the deserted city of Dvaraka by Visvakarma 780
Chapter - 99 Sri Krsna's entry into his palace and establishing of Manuparvata as well as the Parijata tree 786
Chapter - 100 Felicitation of Yadavas by Sri Krsna 789
Chapter - 101 Narada's highlighting the glory of Sri Krsna 790
Chapter - 102 Narada's praise of Sri Krsna's deeds 797
Chapter - 103 The details of the progeny of Sri Krsna and end of Vrsni Vamsa 800
Chapter - 104 Kidnapping of Pradyumna by Sarnbasura and the end of the demon 803
Chapter - 105 Killing of the army and the courtiers of Sambasura 809
Chapter - 106 Battle between Pradyumna and Sambasura 816
Chapter - 107 Killing of Sambasura by Prayumna 821
Chapter - 108 Pradyumna and Mayavati's arrival at Dvaraka 824
Chapter - 109 Baladeva's discourse to Pradyumna on Ahnika - stotra 827
Chapter - 110 Birth of Samba and narration of Sri Krsn's glory by Narada 835
Chapter - 111 Departure of Arjuna to sage a Brahmana boy 843
Chapter - 112 Humiliation of Arjuna and Sri Krsna's departure to north with the Brahmana 844
Chapter - 113 Recovery of Brahmana's son by Sri Krsna 847
Chapter - 114 Sri Krna displays his trine from beore Arjuna 850
Chapter - 115 Brief description of the prowess of Sri Krsna 852
Chapter - 116 The story of Banasura 854
Chapter - 117 Story of Banasura-continued 862
Chapter - 118 Usasdream and deprture of Citralekha to Dvaraka 867
Chapter - 119 Chaitralekha's encounter with Narada, carrying of Aniruddha by Citralekha to Sonitpur secret mariage of Aniruddha and Usa, capture of Aniruddha by Daiya army 876
Chapter - 120 Goddess Arya adored by Aniruddha and his release from the bondage 893
Chapter - 121 Arrivl of Sri Krsna at Sonitpur to free Aniruddha 897
Chapter - 122 Battle between Yadavas and the demon army 910
Cahpter - 123 Return of fever after his defeat from Sri Krsna 918
Cahpter - 124 Arrival of Sri Krsna, lord Siva and Banasura in the battle ground 922
Chapter - 125 Battle between Sri Krsna and lord Siva, Brahma propounds the similarity between Hari and Hara 927
Chapter - 126 Severing of a thousands arms of Banasura 933
Chapter - 127 Marriage of Usa and Aniruddha and their departure to Dvaraka 947
Chapter - 128 Celebrations in Dvaraka and glory of Visnu Parva 959
Volume II (Bhavisya Parva)

Chapter - 1 Genealogy of the Paurava-Vamsa and the glory of Pandavas 964
Chapter - 2 Arrival of the sage Vyasa in the Asv