Harivamsa Purana in 3 Volumes (Text with English Notes and Index)


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About the Book

The great Saga Vyasa – the writer of the epic of Mahabharata and the Puranas was an eminent writer of his times, the parallel of whom is difficult to be found in the religious history of India. Inspite of his composing his epic of Mahabharata comprising of a lac of verses, it is believe that he still felt, dissatisfied and intended to create further literature. With this end in view he composed the Harivamsa which is believe to be an appendix to the great epic of Mahabharata.

The main object for the composing of Harivamsa has been apparently to sing the praise of Lord Visnu which is divided into three Parvas viz. Harivamsa Visnu Parva and Bhavisya Parva. The three Parvas deal with subjects of the creations of the world, the king of the solar and lunar dynasties, the Yadu race besides the birth of Lord Krsna and his childhood sports. In fact Visnu Parva deals with the childhood sports of Si Kesna. Though traces of some future events are found at the start of the Bhavisya Parva, the matters like the creation of the world, the incarnation, of Visnu Vamana and Narsimha are also mentioned besides Siva and Visnu constitute the main theme of the Parva.

The Adi Parva, chapter 2 of the Mahabharata testified about the authorship of Harivamsa which rests with the sage Vyasa, as follows


About the Author

A Graduate of Punjab University has served the Archaeological Survey of India, and the Ministry of Home Affairs for over four decades, in Curatorial and other capacities. He has to his credit the scientific documentation of over fifty thousand antiquities like, sculptures, bronzes, paintings, pottery and beads etc. ranging from the earliest times to the late medieval period. He was given an award by the Government of Himachal Pradesh in 1983, for his monograph on the antiquarian remains of that state. He was also awarded a Fellowship for his monograph on the Temples of Himachal Pradesh 1987-89 by the Indian Council of Histrocal Resarch, New Delhi. He was given Anuvada Shri Award for 2007 – 2008 by the Bharatiya Anuvada Parishad, New Delhi.

He has been assoiated with the Government of Sikkim as a Consultant for the setting up of the sculptures at Siddhesvara Dhama for over four years and has to his credit publication of nearly ninety books including ancient India art various regional Ramayanas and Puranas.



Volume 1



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ISBN: 9788178542188
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Chapter - 1 Benediction, conversation between Saunaka-Ugravasrava, Janamejaya's request to listen to the story of the people of Vrsni dynasty, besides the details about creation 1
Chapter - 2 The dynasties of Svyambhuva Manu, and birth of Daksa Prajapati 6
Chapter - 3 Expansion of creation, Naradas induces Daksa's sons towards detachment, progeny of the sixty daughters of Daksa and their Progeny 11
Chapter-4 The story of Prthu, distribution of the country and establishment of Dikpalas 23
Chapter- 5 The story of Prthu, cruelty of Vena and his destruction, birth of Prthu 26
Chapter- 6 The story of Prthu - continued. Yielding of milk of the earth goddess. 31
Chapter-7 Description of Manvantaras, Manu, Gods and Rsis 36
Chapter-8 Four yugas, Manvantaras, the day of Brahma and the description of Varsa 42
Chapter-9 Vaivasvata Manu Birth of Yama-Yami, Yamuna, Asvanikumaras and Saturn 46
Chapter- 10 Description of the Descendents of Vaivasvata Manu and birth of Pururava. 52
Chapter- 11 The story of Dhundhumari 55
Chapter-12 Description of Dhundhu Vansa and birth of Galava 60
Chapter-13 The story of Triiaitku, and birth of Hariscandra 62
Chapter-14 Birth of Sagara and digging of the ocean with the efforts of the sons of Sagara. 65
Chapter - 15 Description of Solar dynasty 68
Chapter - 16 Performing. of Sraddha of his father by Janamejaya etc. 71
Chapter - 17 Pitrkalpa, conversation between Bhisma and Markandeya besides Markandeya and Sanatkumara 75
Chapter - 18 Discussion between Markandeya and Sanatkurnara, on ganas, lokas, Sakti and unmarried girls, besided achieving of the divine sight by Markandeya 79
Chapter - 19 Pitrkalpa, story of the sons of Baradvaja - fate of the people fallen from yoga and conclusion of the discussion between Sanatkumara and Markandeya 86
Chapter - 20 Dynasties of Brahmadatta and Urgayudha - narrating Sukra and, the adorable sparrow. 88
Chapter - 21 Glory of Sriiddha as spoken by Markandeya - achieving of redemption by the sons of Kausika 100
Chapter - 22 Pitrkalpa - pronouncing of curse by the bird Sucipaka, on three birds and the bird Sumana, freed them of the curse. 104
Chapter - 23 Birth of the swans as the king Brahmadatta in the city of Karnpilya and the four swans achieved beautitude, with the permission of their father. 105
Chapter - 24 Birth of Vibhraja as son of Brahmadatta, displeasure of the queen Sannati, reciting of a verse by a Brahmana, which revived the memories of the earlier birth of the king. 109
Chapter - 25 Origin of the moon, the Rajasuya yajna, fight between gods and demons and birth of Budha. 112
Chapter - 26 The story of the king Pururava and his dynasty, creation of Tretagni and his visit to the country of the Gandharvas. 116
Chapter - 27 Description of the family of Amavasu - the second son of Pururava and birth of Visvamitra and Parasara 120