Golden Jubilee Volume: Collection of Papers on Vedic Studies (An Old and Rare Book)


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I have great pleasure to present to the admirers of Oriental learning this Golden Jubilee Volume, which commemorates the 50th anniversary of the Vaidika Samsodhana Mandala, Poona.

This Volume, consisting 35 papers contributed by learned scholars from India and abroad, represent Vedic as well as Avestan topics. The papers are arranged in the alphabetical order of the names of authors. I record my deep sense of gratitude towards the contributors for their scholarly contributions.

The expenditure incurred on the publication of this volume has been met out from the munificient grant sanctioned by the Government of Maharashtra towards the Mandala’s Golden Jubilee Publication & Celebrations. I offer my sincere thanks to the Government of Maharashtra, for their kind financial assistance.

Our Vice-President and well wisher Shriman M.S. Parkhe made available the required quantity of quality paper for the printing of this volume. I am highly obliged to him for his timely help.

The Printing of Vedic and Avstan topic in Roman script needs the type with unusual diacritical marks. Shriman Gopal Krishna Modi of Gujarati Type Foundry, Bombay, ignoring the commercial aspect, specially prepared the matrixes and supplied such unusual types to our printing unit, at concessional rates. Our sincere thanks, therefore, are due to him also.

Our thanks are also due to Shri Pathak Brothers of Suhas Printers, Poona who with their usual care & forbearance helped us in printing out this volume.

I hope this volume will meet the approval of scholars.




1 On the Interpretation of the word Vibarham in the Kausika Sutra. 1-5
2 Veda and Iranian. 6-7
3 Rgvedic Vak: Some semantic aspects. 8-16
4 Vedic Causatives. 17-38
5 Some traces of Vedic Divinities in the Lankavatara Sutra 39-45
6 An analytical study of 'Samudra' in the Rgveda. 46-51
7 Panini and the Vedic evidence : A Peep into the "Past". 52-65
8 Ekaksari Baitha (with Satika Paribhasa). 66-93
9 Nirukta: Its Precise Purpose. 94-102
10 Apropos Vasna Ha 60.11. 103-105
11 Samhita and Mantra- Samhita of the Maitrayani School. 106-19
12 The Concept of Soma in Avesta (Haoma): With some parallels from Rgveda. 110-113
13 The Contribution of Vedology to Zoroastrian studies. 114-120
14 Mind and Destiny in ancient Aryan Philosophy. 121-122
15 Panini's Rules : 2. 2. 11 and 2. 4. 2. 123-128
16 Datistan I Denik-Pursisn XIX and XX : A Critical Study. 129-135
17 The Concept of Mahavira in the Pravargya. 136-139
18 Poetic Figures and Sentiments in the Atharva Veda: A Reappraisal. 140-147
19 Three Approches to the Study of Mitra. 148-155
20 Tve iti> Tavyi. 156-160
21 Annasyayai. 161-163
22 Some Remarks on Mihir Vast (Vast X). 164-166
23 ??????????? ???????????? - ???????? ??????? ???????? | 167-173
24 Double Case termination in the Avesta and the Vedas. 174-176
25 Acchavaka, Acchavakiya : Skizze eines Vedischen Opferpriesteramtes. 177-184
26 Two Vedic Rules of Panini : 8. 3.47 and 8. 3. 10. 185-188
27 A Fundamental Approach towards Health and Happiness : A Need of the day. 189-214
28 On the abnormal Khanda divisions of the Jaiminiya-Brhmana and the Jaiminiya Upanisad Brahmana. 215-224
29 Education of Women in ancient and mediaeval India. 225-231
30 The Veda and the Mahabharata. 232-240
31 The Relationship of VRJ (V Arj) and VSrj in the Veda. 241-254
32 Some Observations on Kausitaki- Brahmana and Keith's Translation. 255-259
33 The Avestan Root (s) Van : Homonymy or Polysemy ? Hanns Peter Schmidt 260-272
34 The Saman Melodies : A brief Survey of Sama-ganas of Purvarcika and Uttararcika. 273-287
35 The teachings of the Veda and the Adhyatmika Method of Interpretation. 288-295
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