Fifteen Lessons on The Vedas (An Old and Rare Book)


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Vedas are the words of God revealed in the beginning of each creation for the guidance of mankind. Vedic teachings are universal. Vedas are not the property of any caste, country or nation. They are meant for all times and all climes. Their value is as much today as in ancient times. They are a Divine inspiration in the pure hearts of sages transplanted by spiritual exaltation through intuition, which sages’ souls received creatively.

In purity, austerity and power of expression, Vedic hymns are like fresh water gushing out from mountains in the form of small streams. Vedic verses have come out of a joyous and radiant spirit, overflowing with love of life and energy for action -full of a scientific faith in the Supreme Reality.

We do not find in the Vedas any evidence of the tragedy of a repentant soul, of sin consciousness _ as vivid in Hebrew Scriptures and among the Greeks. Vedic sages are positive in their acceptance of life’s reality and in their values of truth, goodness, eternal divine laws as well as in the ultimate reality. They are intently religious with a faith in the living existence of Divinity and the object final of human life.

Vedic language is marked by an extreme economy of expression. The visions of the beauty of life and of natural phenomena are vividly and nicely described and depicted in fine poetry. Vedas have been held as a supreme authority on matters mentioned in them throughout these long ages, by all sages. They are the most precious documents from the earliest times. The words of the Vedas resounded in future ages as Divine words (R3-33-5) . In respect of spontaneous in world literature. The imperishable truths, and highly moral and spiritual ideals embodied in the Vedas, have survived in spite of obstacles and viccitudes, and onslaughts of others and the progress of modern science. While other scriptures have faded in view of scientific researches on account of their disparities with science, Vedas have found to be supported by science.

Vedic technology, on the other hand, have found support by these discoveries and wherever there is yet some difference, Vedic views will be found to be correct. Wisdom of the Vedas is relevant for all times. Their beauty and value lie in the eternal truths which are related in them.

Vedic verses have their own efficacy, apart from their theological significance. The sounds and the rhythms of Vedic verses, when sung property, produce vibrations, waves and currents in the atmosphere, which are so formed as to be of great value both in the internal and the external spheres.

Shri Aurovindo, the modern sage of Pondicherry writes in his book on the Vedas (p.11)-Vedas are a creation of an age prior to our intellectual philosophy. Shri C.R. Swaminathan writes, ‘’Vedas have a universal relevance and in intellectual appeal to all and this gives them a special status, unrivalled by any other scripture of the world.

Vedic revelation is unique in nature, no physical object intervened and the sages realized these truths by inspiration directly. These sages did not consider this knowledge, as secret to be concealed, they felt obliged to tell them to the masses at large, irrespective of the social and cultural status. Sages spread the Vedic revelation distinguishes it from the occult sects. Vedas contain both these ideas of Divinity and of Eternal laws. Even God is not arbitrary. He does not act according to His whims, but He is just and generous, while Buddha dealt only with eternal laws, but ignored their maker. Vedas deal with all important matters. Vedas have verse relating to all aspects of human life and they give guidance on all important subjects, They also tell the means of attaining salvation , which is the ultimate aim of human life.

This book has been written with the sole object of creating some interest for a study of our ancient in heritance and to imbibe a feeling of reverence for the revealed gift of Divine knowledge among our young men.


1 Vedas a Divine Knowledge 9
2 Vedas are the Revealed Words of God 14
3 Specialities of Vedas 24
4 Some Opinions on Vedas 35
5 How Vedas were Protected 50
6 Vedas and Post- Vedic Literature 54
7 Sages of Vedic Verses 60
8 Translations of the Vedas 67
9 Interpretations of the Vedic Verses 72
10 Interpretations of Vedic Verses 79
11 Symbolism in the Vedas 81
12 Fundamentals of the Vedas 88
13 Vedic Teachings 95
14 Teachings of Vedas 101
15 Vedic Teachings 109
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