Facets of The Vedas (A Study)


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The writings of Dr. V. Raghavan remain a perennial source of study and reference for generations of students, researchers, 216 scholars and lovers of Sanskrit language, Religion, Indian 251 Culture and Heritage. This Centre founded in his name has been propagating his works in a continuous process since his passing away in 1979. Many of his original works and collections to be published have been methodically listed by Dr. Raghavan himself during his lifetime under different categories; While some works were ready for publication, some others need constant assembling, editing and aligning. This Centre has been working hard towards bringing out most of them from 1980 in an unbroken chain of activity, and has added nearly thirty publications, which include also some reprints.

The keen interest in his works among the scholarly circles, not only in India but in other countries has been on the increase and overwhelming over the decades just as it was during his life time.

It is a matter of great satisfaction to bring out the present volume of Dr. V. Raghavan's - collected writings on the Vedas, the fountain - head of all our knowledge and wisdom. The author's survey and analysis of the Vedas, its branches, their multifaceted aspects and their relevance to the present, offer an interesting journey into our Vedic treasures; a unique endowment of India.

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