Epics, Khilas, and Puranas: Continuities and Ruptures (Proceedings of the Third Dubrovnik International Conference on The Sanskrit Epics and Puranas)


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The Third Dubrovnik International conference on the Sanskrit Epics and Puranas, continued the work and exchange of ideas of a growing group of scholars from all over the world on the topics connected with the Sanskrit epic and Puranic subjects. This time the Harivamsa was selected as one of its focuses, and therefore these Proceedings contain six contributions on the Harivamsa, eight on the Purina, and nine on the Sanskrit epics, which can be considered a rather balanced result. The papers address the questions about continuities and ruptures between the Vedas and the epics, between different layers of the Sanskrit epics, between the Mahabharata and the Harivamsa, between the epics, their khilas and the Puranas, and between different stages of the Puranic tradition. The contributions arc written by prominent scholars working on Vedic, Sanskrit epic and Fusels projects, and display a select, but representative, image of the state of the art, of important new results and of challenging open questions, in these crucial fields of Sanskrit scholarship.

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