Does Bhakti Appear In The Rgveda?


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Jeanine Miller was born in China of French parents and educated in Australia. She spent 30 years in Britain where she worked in the British Museum for 20 years. She studied Sanskrit and received the degree of M.Litt. in the Vedas from Durham University. She has specially learnt the Vedic mantras.

She has dedicated her life to bringing out to the West, in the rational language which the West can understand, the spiritual message of the Vedas. This message has been missed by so many Western Sanskrit scholars, although nowadays, there is a tendency towards a better appreciation and a deeper understanding of the Vedas. The purpose of the present booklet is to refute, by means of a complete array of quotations, the view of scholars, Western and even Indian, that bhakti or devotion does not appear in the Rgveda.


Dedication III
Foreword V
Introduction 1
1. Bhakti and Theism versus Henotheism 7
2. Certain Keywords that need Deeper understanding 11
3. The Question of the Gods: What the Luminous Deities meant to their Worshippers. 22
4. Is Bhakti Compatible with the Sacrifice? 38
5. The Values of the Heart 43
6. Song as the Medium of Love Expression: The Bhakti Trent in the Rgveda 49
7. The Ultimate Purposes 66
Conclusion 70
Notes 71

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