Brahmavaivarta Purana (Set of 2 Volumes)


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Vedavyasa has composed Mahapuranas by resorting to the use of historical episodes, legends, stories, fables etc. in order to lay down clearly the topics described in those special types of episodes addressed as Purana in Vedic era.

Brahmavaivarta is the most popular treatise among the eighteen Mahapuranas. This Mahapurana finds its reference everywhere in various Puranas and in the inventory of names to these Mahapuranas. Moreover, as per the yardstick ascertained, this Mahapurana contains eighteen thousand hymns in it too. As the preaching delivered by god Krsna to deperate Arjuna considering them as nectar of Srimadbhagavad Gita, the special preaching delivered by the same god Krsna are stored in this Mahapurana too. As this Mahapurana discloses the mystery of Brahman, it is called Brahmavaivarta Mahapurana. This Mahapurana has adduced as an authority by a number of philosopher for their submissions. The commentators has from this angle, accepted the specific significance of Brahmavaivarta Mahapurna in literature on Puranas. Indian culture based in Vedas and the tradition of Indian school of thoughts is seen enumerated to suffice length in this Mahapurana.



Chapter 1 Introduction and importance of Brhmavaivarta Purana 1
Chapter 2 The position of Goloka and its description and the definition of the divinity of Sri Krsna 6
Chapter 3 The universe emerges out of Krsna; Narayana eulogies Krsna 8
Chapter 4 Emergence of Kanadeva, Rati and others 14
Chapter 5 Establishment of the routine of the Goloka and emergence of Radha an other cowherdesses 16
Chapter 6 Sri Krsna hands over Laksmi to Narayana and spouses to other god 21
Chapter 7 Creation of the Earth, mountains and oceans etc. by Brahma 26
Chapter 8 Creation of Veda, Manus etc. 28
Chapter 9 Progeny of the daughters of Daksa 33
Chapter 10 Comparison between Casts and the relations 40
Chapter 11 Asvanikumaras freed of the curse; praise of the Vaisnava Brahmanas 52
Chapter 12 The story of Narada 55
Chapter 13 Death of Upabarhana with the curse of Brahma and lamenting of Malavati. 59
Chapter 14 Visnu appears before Malavati in the form of a Brahmana boy 65
Chapter 15 The display of the might by the Brahmas 70
Chapter 16 Brahmana spells out the medical treatment 74
Chapter 17 Talk of Brahma with the Brahmana boy 80
Chapter 18 Restoring Upabarhana back to life 86
Chapter 19 Krsnakavaca, Sivakavaca and the description of Sivastavaraja 89
Chapter 20 The birth of Upabarhana from Kalavati the wife of cowherd 95
Chapter 21 The daily routine of the child born in the Sudra family 100
Chapter 22 The emergence of the names of the sons of Brahma 105
Chapter 23 Narada seeks permission from Brahma for performing tapas 107
Chapter 24 Discourse of Brahma on the duties of the house holder 111
Chapter 25 Narada's audience with lord Siva 114
Chapter 26 Daily routine and method of adoration 116
Chapter 27 Eatables and non-eatables for the Brahmana 124
Chapter 28 Description of the form of the Great Soul 128
Chapter 29 Question raised by Narada before Narayana in Badrikasrama 133
Chapter 30 Description of the glory of lord Krsna and his Prakrti 136
Chapter 1 Description of Prakrti and paricles there of 137
Chapter 2 The birth of Krsnas Radha besides other and goddesses 148
Chapter 3 Description of the child of Virat form 155
Chapter 4 Adoration of Sarasvati and her kavaca 159
Chapter 5 Yajnavalkya offers prayer to Sarasvati 166
Chapter 6 The pronouncing of curse by Laksmi, Sarasvati and Ganga on one another 168
Chapter 7 The story of Kaliyuga, Measures of time and the divine dance of Krsna in Goloka 178
Chapter 8 The story of Prthvi 186
Chapter 9 The story of Prthvi 191
Chapter 10 The story of birth of Ganga 193
Chapter 11 The story of Ganga 206
Chapter 12 The story of Ganga 216
Chapter 13 The story of Tulasi and Vrsadhvaja 218
Chapter 14 The stories of Vedavati, Sita and Draupadi 222
Chapter 15 The story relating to the birth of Tulasi 226
Chapter 16 Marriage of Tulasi with Samkhacuda 230
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