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Bhagavata Purana: With the Commentary of Sridhara Svamin (Sanskrit Only)

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The present Purana is third in the series of the Purana Texts. The text, based on the Venkatesvara edition, is accompanied by the Commentary Bhavarthabodhini of Sridhara Svamin who interprets it on the lines of the Advaita School of Sankara. To the text is added a critical Introduction (both in English and Sanskrit), a Table of Contents in the beginning and an Index of Verses at the end.

This Purana has a great attraction for Vaisnavas. It is called Bhagavata because it describes the nine fold devotion of the devotee for the illustrious Lord Krsna.

The Purana is divided into twelve Skandhas. Skandha I is introductory. It opens with the Dialogue between Suta and Saunaka in hte Naimisa Forest. The pivot is Lord Krsna, though, as his associates, the Pandavas are also introduced. Skandha II is related to Devotion as the path of liberation but it also contains Catuhsloki Bhagavata-the original text which in it essence was philosophical rather than devotional. Skandha III describes creation, Astanga and Bhakti yogas. Skandha IV narrates the story of Dhruva, Vena, Prthu, Puranjana, Pracetas and others. Skandha V contains the history of Priyavrata, Agnidhra, Nabhi, Rsabha and Bharata. It includes a dialogue between Rahugana and Bharata on the Spiritual Knowledge. It deals with the Geography of the Terrestrial Globe too. Skandha VI is an exposition of Bhagavata Dharma, it illustrates the efficacy of Lord's name and his glory. It narrates the story of Ajamila, history of Daksa, his progeny and Indra-Vrtru fight. Skandha VII describes the Virtue of Devotion by the story of Hiranyakasipu and his son Prahlada. Skandha VIII narrates the churning of the sea for nectar, manifestation of Mohini and Siva's fascination for her. It also contains the story of Lord Vamana and King Bali. Skandha IX records the history of Kings of Solar and Lunar race. Skandha X presents a detailed account of the life of Lord Krsna and his wondrous exploits. Skandha XI elucidates Karma, Jnana and Bhakti yogas. Skandha XII concludes with the description of Dissolution, Suka's precepts concerning Brahman, death of Pariksit and Janamejaya's serpent sacrifice.

This Purana is an excellent contribution to the study of Ancient Indian Tradition and Mythology.


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Item Code: IDE823
Cover: Hardcover
Edition: 1999
Publisher: Motilal Banarsidass Publishers Pvt. Ltd.
ISBN: 8120805143
Language: sanskrit
Size: 11.3" X 9.2"
Pages: 829[/product_video]
2. Glory of the Bhagavata Purana 1-12
1. Dialogue between Suta and Saunaka in the Naimisa Forest 13-15
2. Merits of Devotion to Hari 16-18
3. Twenty four incarnations of Lord Visnu 18-20
4. Arrival of Narada 20-22
5-6. Dialogue between Vyasa and Narada 22-27
7. Punishment to Asvatthaman 27-30
8. Kunti's Eulogy of Krsna; Yudhisthira's Remorse 30-33
9. Yudhisthira's Acquisition of Kingdom 33-35
10. Krsna's Departure to Dvaraka 35-37
11. Krsna's Entrance into Dvaraka 38-40
12. Birth of Pariksit 40-41
13. Discourse of Narada 42-44
14. Conjectures of Yudhisthira 44-46
15. Pandava's Ascent to Heaven 46-50
16. Dialogue between Earth and Dharma 50-52
17. Punishment and Control of Kali 52-54
18. Curse of Brahmana 54-56
19. Arrival of Suka 56-59
1. Discourse of Suka, Cosmic Form of the Lord 60-62
2. Liberation by the Yogic Path : Instantaneous and Gradual Liberation 62-65
3. Devotion to Hari-the only path of Liberation 65-66
4. Creation of the Universe-Prayers to Hari 66-68
5. Creation of the Universe-Dialogue between Narada and Brahmadeva 68-70
6. Descriptions of Virat Purusa-exposition of Purusa Sukta 70-73
7. Some Lilavataras and their exploits 73-78
8. Relation among Body, Soul and God 78-79
9. Suka's discourse, Catuhsloki Bhagavata 80-82
10. Ten characteristics of the Bhagavata Purana 82-85
1. Meeting of Vidura and Uddhava 86-89
2. Dialogue between Uddhava and Vidura 89-91
3. Dialogue between Vidura and Uddhava Glorious deeds of Krsna 91-92
4. Dialogue between Vidura and Uddhava-Destruction of Yadavas, Krsna's Message 92-94
5. Dialogue between Vidura and Maitreya-Tattvas and their Deities 94-97
6. Cosmology : Creation of the Universe 97-99
7. Vidura's Queries 99-101
8. Creation of Brahma-His vision of Narayana 101-103
9. Brahma's Prayer and Visnu's Boon 103-106
10. Brahma's Penance and generation of Ten-fold Creation 106-108
11. The Concept of time: manvantaras and life-span of men and gods 108-110
12. Creation of Rudra, the mind-Born Sons of Manu and Satarupa 110-112
13. Boar Incarnation 112-115
14. Diti's conception 115-117
15. Sanaka etc. curse Jaya and Vijaya 117-121
16. Fall of Jaya and Vijaya 121-124
17. Birth of Hiranyaksa and Hiranyakasipu Hiranyaksa's Victories 124-125
18. Hiranyaksa's Fight with Visnu 125-127


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Bhagavata Purana: With the Commentary of Sridhara Svamin (Sanskrit Only)

Bhagavata Purana: With the Commentary of Sridhara Svamin (Sanskrit Only)

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