Atharvaveda (Saunaka) with The Pada-patha and Sayanacarya’s Commentary (In Five Volumes) - Sanskrit Only


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Part I (Kandas I-V)


From the Book

Edited and annotated with text-comparative data from original manuscripts and other Vedic original



Shankar Pandurang Pandit’s 4-volume edition of the text of Atharvaveda-samhita (Saunaka) along with its Pada-patha and Sayanacarya’s Commentary (Bhasya) on it was published by the Department of public Instruction, Bombay during the years 1895-98. The need had since long been felt of a revised edition of the afore-said work, making full use, for text of-critical purpose, of new or improved editions of a number of important works of Vedic literature and reference which appeared after S.P. Pandit’s edition, for instane, (1) Kathaka-samhita (Schroeder, 1900-1910), (2) Paippalada-samhita (Barret, 1901-40), (3) Whitney’s translation of and critical-cum-exegetical commentary on Atharvaveda-samhita (Saunaka), 1905, (4) Kapisthala-samhita (Raghuvira, 1932), (5) Taittiriya-samhita with Sayana’s Commentary (Anandasrama, 1900-5), (6) Aitareya-brahmana (ibid, 1930), (7) Taittiriya-brahmana (ibid, 1934; Mysore, 1908), (8) Sankhayana-brahmana (ibid, 1911, (9) Sankhayanaranyaka (ibid, 1922; Keith, 19090, (10) Taittiriyaranyaka (ibid, 1926), (11) Aitareyaranyaka (1909), and several editions of Upanisads (e.g. Adyar, 1912-33; Anandasrama, 1932). Bloomfield’s Vedic Concordance (1906), Jacob’s Concordance of Upanisads (1912) and our own Vedic Word Concordance (1935 onwards), based on 117,62 and about 500 Vedic works, respectively, could likewise be of great use for the said purposes. Moreover, as the Pandit edition had since long gone out of print and become extremely rare, it was time that this work, in a properly revised form, became available again.


From Volume II

Part II (Kandas VI-X)


From Volume III

Part III (Kandas XI-XVIII)


From Volume IV

Part IV, Face I (Kandas XIX-XX)


From Volume V

Part IV, Face II
(Mantra, Pada, Rsi, Devata, and Chanda Indices)


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