An Ideal Brother-Love


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We are very much pleased to present this article titled 'An Ideal Brother-Love' in the Ramayana, in a book form. The Ramayana is not merely a history or a book of literature, it is a true guide also to initiate the human life constantly to go ahead on the well ordered auspicious path of life. In the Ramayana we get the apparent view of the glorified divine body of the Maryada Purushottam Shri Ramchandraji. The Ramayan is not merely a Hindu culture, but it is also the spirit of the human culture. If the ideals of the Ramayana are adopted to organize and run the human society, the days are not very far when the peace and prosperity of the Ram Rajya will prevail over everywhere.

In the present book on the basis of Shri Valmiki, Shri Adhyatm and the Ramayan written by Shri Tulsidasji, a very pleasant description of the mutual love and devotion of the four brothers-Shri Ramchandra, Bharat, Lakshman and Shatrughna has been presented. This book can prove to be very useful to extinguish the blazing fire of hostility between the two own brothers usually because of the self interest and having become empty of wisdom being overwhelmed by the mirage of worldly attachment and negligible physical enjoyments and comforts. The language is simple and effective. While reading our eyes are overflowed with the emotional tears of love.

As regards the usefulness of this book, it will be sufficient to say that this book is only a ray of the second part of the book-Tattva Chintamani'; written by reverent Shri Jaydayalji Goyandaka. By the effect of its light, the fear of the bite of the serpent of the two brothers hostility can be wiped out forever. On the request of many well-wishers, this article has been published in the form of a separate book to make it in the reach of common people easily. The dear readers should take advantage by reading it.

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