A Vedic Index (Meaning and Explanation of Some Important Vedic Symbols, Words, Images and Concepts in the Words of Sri Aurobindo)


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At the root of all that we Hindus have done, thought and said through these many thousands of years, behind all we are to seek to be, there lies concealed, the fount of our philosophies, the bedrock of our religions, the kernel of our thought, the explanation of our ethics and society, the summery of our civilisation , the rivet of our nationality , a small body of speech , Veda. From this one seed developing into many forms the multitudinous and magnificent birth called Hinduism draws its inexhaustible existence. Buddhism too with its offshoot, Christianity, flows from the same original source. It has left stamp on Persia, through Persia on Judaism, through Christianity and Sufism on Islam, and through Buddha on Confucianism and through Christ and mediaeval mysticism, Greek and German philosophy and Sanskrit learning on the thoughts and cilvilsation of the Europe. There is no part of the world’s spirituality, of the world ‘s religion, of the world’s thought which would be what it is today ,If the Veda had not existed. Of no other body of speech in the world can this be said.

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