About Us

Having started operations in 1998, Veda Purana is known for the consistently high quality of its offerings, each of which is hand-picked by its team of experienced editors. Some of the qualities which we look for in our books include high aesthetic value and quality of the material.

Not only do we love the rich, living spiritual and cultural traditions of India, the aim has also been to share a fair amount of our profits with the numerous highly skilled writers scattered all over the subcontinent.

Over the years, Veda Purana has been satisfying friends worldwide with an enormous hand-picked range of Books. We have built one of the greatest collection of Hindu Books sourced from all over the country, gaining in the process the confidence of our valuable patrons, and more importantly, their affection as well.

Fair Trade: We faithfully adhere to the principles of Fair Trade. All publishers and writers are paid upfront, with remuneration far above the market rates. We are against the practice of Child Labor, and certify that none of our merchandise involves children at any point of the manufacturing process.

Our Mission: To make India's famed books, and spiritual depth accessible to all. To bring together people who love India.